How Commercial RO Plant Manufacturers Remove The Water Contaminants?

Commercial RO Plant

As the water treatment complexities are challenging, more and more commercial RO plant manufacturers are promoting their product in food industries, especially with specialty coffee and flash steam oven applications that are used commercially. Specially intended RO systems can be truly reliable and provide years of dependable service by removing the water contaminants that are harder to treat. However, manufacturers of commercial RO plant recommend users to follow maintenance guide and troubleshoot like experts.

How Commercial RO Plant Manufacturers Remove The Water Contaminants?

Prior making any call to a technician or manufacturing company for assistance, it is recommended to have some basic information in order to diagnose the problem. With the help of this information, the RO technician can instantly provide effective guidance for the same.

You will be required the following tools-

  1. Thermometer
  2. 1000 ml graduated cylinder
  3. TDS or conductivity meter
  4. Pressure gauge along with adapters and bleed valve

Thermometer will help in measuring water temperature. Graduated cylinder helps in measuring water flow. TDS meter is used for measuring the TDS of the feed water or pure water. Pressure gauge assembly with adapters and bleed valve helps in measuring feed water pressure to the system.

How to check your RO system? When it fails to produce pure water?

  • Determine the system age and the date when you replaced the pre-filters. If you have not changed the pre-filters for many months, you can replace them.
  • Determine the demands of RO water to find if the demand exceeds the capacity of the RO membrane. It happens many times due to seasonal demand, when there is spike in business and this exceeds the RO system capacity.
  • Check feed water temperature and document
  • Check feed water pressure and document
  • To know if the filter membrane is fouled or the reject flow control is incorrect, it is important to precisely measure permeate and decline flow rates when the system is at operating mode.

If the reject flow rate is very high- If the amount of reject is greater than the specifications of manufacturers, you need to adjust or replace it with a new control to avail the right flow rate.

If the reject flow rate is very low- If the amount of reject is low, it will irreversibly damage the membrane. You need to replace it or adjust the control to get the right flow rate.

Commercial RO plant manufacturers India have shared some great tips to remove contaminants from the system. You can anytime ask more about the subject from experts.

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