Integrated Warehousing and Distribution- What It Means For Your Growing Business

Like every aspiring and hardworking business owner, you have made strides in your trade and business is progressing rather smoothly. Your products are selling swiftly; however, you need a space to store them temporarily before shipping or distribution.

Before you scout for a new storage space, you should mull over your options, like what type of space do I need? How much space can I afford? How much space do I really need? And so on…

Integrated Warehousing and Distribution- What It Means For Your Growing Business

Finding a Warehouse is Easy- Finding the Right One Isn’t

Looking for a warehouse may sound very routine, but there is more to it than you think.

  • Buying a storage space requires lots of upfront cash, one you may not have or be willing to spend on a warehouse at the expense of expanding your business. To be honest, this is usually difficult for the small business owners to finance.

  • Leasing sounds just about perfect, and is indeed a popular choice. As long as the rent and storage space meets your requirement.

  • Flex Warehousing is an ideal choice, just as the name entails. It’s basically a “flexible space”, where you are charged based on the amount of space you actually use, and you pay more or less if your storage capacity increases or reduces. it’s a brilliant option for those into seasonal items.

You Need More Than Warehousing – You Need Integrated Fulfilment

From the three options above, flexibility is always the right path for smaller start-ups; Flex warehousing is your most ideal choice. You don’t want to source funds to buy a warehouse and still have to worry about maintenance and property tax rate. Leasing sounds good, but you may have to pay more than what you actually used. The flex option helps optimise your cash and gives you value.

Flex warehousing providers often know that you need a storage space basically for inventory purposes, as usually you do not keep goods for too long. Most times, they are not your regular warehouse operators; they are usually logistic handlers for third party operators.

They will often handle your storage and handle your order distribution too.

Third party logistics [3PL] operators most times handle sorting, storage, receiving and disbursement of your goods. They understand your need to distribute effectively and in a timely manner. They help link you to couriers and freights with the best prices available, thereby enhancing service delivery for you too.

Carefully Select Your Integrated Warehousing and 3PL Fulfilment Provider

If the flex warehousing option sounds appealing to you, make your research and identify if the third party logistic providers can meet your needs, see if they are reliable and if you see yourself working long term with them. Once you are convinced that they will be “able” to provide you with the required services, go on and “hire” them. Endeavour to do your background check on them, try as much as you can to pitch your tent with the right team.

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