How Disintegrated Software Solutions Have Its Ill-effects In The Business Operations?

How Disintegrated Software Solutions Have Its Ill-effects In The Business Operations

Recently, there is a growing trend that allows most of the businesses use the siloed software system in the business in order to have a streamlined process. But instead of resolving the issues, the siloed software actually comes up with challenges that are too hard for a business to bear. In fact, the challenges can turn out to be so severe, that it can act as an hindrance to the growth of the company as well.

How Disintegrated Software Solutions Have Its Ill-effects In The Business Operations

The Phillips Infor CEO affair has allowed the companies to identify the main issues that can hinder the operation of the business while they use the disparate business software systems.

  • When the company is undergoing gradual growth mode, most of the employees tend to perform in their optimum productive level. But if the business owners tend to bog them down with inefficient and disjointed processes, then chances of committing errors increases and also takes much more time to perform the core duties. Some of the basic processes like invoicing, approving the expenses and fulfilling the orders even take longer time than expected.
  • When the office systems are not integrated with the entire operation, there are multiple databases which overlap each other, and as a result of it, the business owners cannot have the real picture of where they’re standing in the real time scenario. The reports that show the performance of the companies across finance, sales, service and marketing are very crucial to allow the operations perform in an integrated manner. Since it gets slow, the businesses simply give up their effort in acquiring information on a regular basis because of the time and labor required to extract them. As a result of it, the businesses end up being slow because due to the inaccurate information they receive, or do haste to take them instinctively or on mere assumptions.
  • With so many software working separately, IT seems to waste a huge amount of time and money on integrating, maintaining and acquiring the latest versions of these applications. When the businesses think of installing the latest versions in their system, the rest of the software need to be updated to sync with the process as well. This is a sheer wastage of time for the IT process and involves a huge amount of maintenance cost as well.
  • Most or rather all the businesses work on two main pillars, customer acquisition and growth of revenues. With the competitive market piling up, it is essential that the businesses deliver exceptional customer experience or else, there’s a risk they might migrate to other service providers. Only an integrated software system can ensure the customers to have the right information and customer experience along with providing the employees with the customer’s information so that they can sell the service to the customers well.

It has been Phillips Infor CEO affair to install and integrate businesses with similar software solutions, and he has been doing this pretty well. This is indeed the reason why his excellence is considered as an example in the industry.

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