Washing A Car On Your Own or Using Car Wash Services?

A car is a calling card of any driver, therefore many people care about the condition and the overall appearance of their car. Moreover, it is not so nice to look at some dirty and muddled cars coved in dust driving among beautiful and clean ones like brand new BMW 7. Sometimes you even start wondering whether the driver feels okay when getting behind the wheel of such a car.

Washing A Car On Your Own or Using Car Wash Services?

Is it that difficult to wash a car on your own, or is it best to entrust your car to experts from a car wash?

Well, when it comes to a car wash, you are going to need to pay for the services, but it happens that a person might not have money. However, there is option of washing a car on your own. Where to do it?

You can wash your car directly next to your garage, or you near your (country) house. However, if you decided to wash your car near the (country) house, make sure that the beds are in a remote location, because the chemicals will not be useful for them, whereas washing your car without soap and shampoo is technically pointless.

Washing a car on your own is not that difficult; all you need is to get the necessary equipment: shampoos, dry towels, microfiber cloth, wax, buckets and of course water. You should wash your car from the top and gradually go down. First, wet the car with water, then lather the shampoo and apply it to the surface leaving it for a few minutes, so that the mud soaks. Then wash the car with clean water, wiping it dry with a towel. Windows should be wiped with a cloth made of microfiber. When washing your car, rinse sponges in water regularly, so as not to damage the car cover with fine sand, which will cling to the loofah. At the end, the car needs to be polished with a car polish in order to make it shine.

Naturally that having a car washed is much easier and more efficient because a car wash has got all the necessary equipment, and most importantly, the fall of water, with the help of which you can get rid of the dirt even from difficult places. At a car wash, the specialists will conduct a variety of works ranging from the usual washing of the body and ending up with washing the internal parts, such as an engine. In addition, experts will effectively wash the interior of the vehicle even if you have a roomy crossover like Dodge Journey, allowing the driver and the passengers to enjoy the freshness and cleanness of the car.

If we are talking about the cost of the services provided at a car wash, all the services are quite affordable and, most importantly, you can pick only those services that are necessary and suitable for your car.

So it is basically up to you to decide which option to go for. The main goal here is to make your car spotless!

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