How To Deal With Your Worst Fears During Pregnancy

Carrying a child to term for a period of nine months can be a physically challenging and mentally daunting task. While to keep yourself fit and functioning you can go to birthing and yoga classes, in order to maintain your mental health, you yourself will have to keep yourself motivated.

Pregnancy is the time when all the worst fears will come and flock in your head- what if something goes wrong at the fag end of the pregnancy, what is my child has congenital defects, what if I am unable to deliver the child properly and run into complications, what if I get an abnormal pap and pregnancy result which in turn might indicate that I have cancer…The list is an endless one and no fear is baseless. Everyone of these fears are based on some fact or the other and you never know whether what you are most afraid of will come true or not. But you cannot let your fears pull you down.

How To Deal With Your Worst Fears During Pregnancy

Why do you need to get rid of your fears and be in a happy place?

Well for starters, when it comes to the mental health of your child, you need to ensure that you stay happy. It has been seen in many cases that children tend to develop a foul temper or are prone to depression, if their parents, especially the mother remains unhappy during the period of pregnancy. Thus your mental health during the pregnancy has a direct relation to the mental health of your child. So it more than important that you yourself be in a happy place, if you want your child, to have a healthy and happy mentality.

How do I look after my mental health during pregnancy?

It is important to realise that the fears that you are having are not completely baseless. You have reason to be afraid and you are. But that does not mean that these fears will rule your entire pregnancy. Do not sit and brood all day because of these fears. They might or might not come true. It is always better to think of positive things and surround yourself with positive outcomes during your pregnancy.

It is essential for you and your baby’s health that you get all the necessary tests done from time to time. Of the many important tests that are conducted one is the pap smear test. If you get an abnormal pap test during pregnancy it does not necessarily mean you have cervical cancer. Talk to your doctor and clear out the scenario, rather than sitting at home and worrying what might be wrong.

Your environment plays a very important part in keeping you healthy and happy. You will have to make sure that you are surrounded by positive and happy people. Your friends and family are the best people to stay with during this period since they will know what exactly you need and how to keep you happy.

It is important to face your fears and not let it becoming your sole concern during the pregnancy. Think positive and the outcome will be positive as well!

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