Why Are Patients Prescribed Calcium Citrate?

Why Are Patients Prescribed Calcium Citrate?

To understand what calcium citrate is, it is important to understand the actual purpose of calcium in living bodies, because it is often hailed as one of major nutrients in the body for function of various organs.

Calcium is generally found in a variety of foods, including radish, milk products and certain oils. Calcium is very much an essential ingredient for the basic and normal functions of the body. Areas which absolutely require calcium in animals are bones in mammals and feather maintenance in birds.

Calcium is also extremely important in helping the body bind to other minerals for better absorption and help in the removing of toxins in the body. Hence calcium by default becomes a very important source of nutrient concerning bone and maintenance.

Calcium is important for the proper functioning of nerves, cells and muscles as well. If there is a lack of calcium in the body and minimal amount present in the blood, calcium will start to break away from the bones, whittling it away until the bones are soft and weak.

Why Are Patients Prescribed Calcium Citrate?

Therefore, it is extremely important to have a good diet with adequate amount of calcium or calcium supplements to ensure the correct dosage is being ingested to prevent drastic bone damage.

Calcium citrate is a compound that is used in the prevention and the cure of deficiencies involving calcium, thereby helping patients with bone deformities. It is also used for a variety of things which are not medically listed.

This medicine, like most other medicines is advised to be taken with food, as lack of might cause some complications which can be easily avoided with a full stomach.

There are two things that need to be discussed with a doctor before calcium citrate is taken by the patients:

  • Medical reports must be presented to the doctor if there is a presence of kidney stones in the body or not.
  • A blood and hormone work must be done by reputable doctors to determine if the patients suffer from a parathyroid glad disorder.
  • For female patients in their child bearing ages, a pregnancy test must be completed to rule out chances of pregnancies.
  • For female patients who are currently breastfeeding, a talk with the doctor is advisable.

If any of these conditions are present, the patient may not be able to take calcium citrate medicine in totality, or the dosage must be adjusted. Special tests must also be conducted to determine the usage of calcium nitrate.

There are different forms of this medicine available in the medical stores, and patients can consult with their doctors to determine the best possible methods of taking the medicine. These can come in forms such as chewable capsules, effervescent tablets, and liquid products and even in powder form.

For chewable product, the tablet must be chewed thoroughly for better results. For effervescent tablets it is important to dissolve the tablet in water completely. Liquid and powders should be taken according to the dosage.

With calcium citrate, the doctor might suggest a special diet. It is important to follow the doctor’s instructions for the best results.

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