How To Get Rid Of Fleas On Your Puppy

How To Get Rid Of Fleas On Your Puppy

Puppy is a young little dog that can be newly born or less than one year old. They are quite vulnerable to the adverse living environment, especially if infested with fleas, their well-being is at risk of being badly affected. Fleas may suck puppy blood, lay eggs and increase at such a fast rate that you can hardly imagine. You can easily find dozens of options to treat fleas and many kinds of good flea products for your pets. However, in case of flea infested your puppy, greater care and attention is required when it comes to remove fleas from them, due to their vulnerability. The following paragraphs will show you the way to get rid of fleas on your puppy.

How To Get Rid Of Fleas On Your Puppy

No pesticide for puppy

Flea may heavily infest the young puppy, but you shouldn’t try to apply anti-flea products which as chemical toxin. The reason is that puppy is too young and their body can hardly sustain the side effects of chemical treatment. Such symptoms as vomiting, excessive salivation, or respiratory issues may occur, if they contact with the chemical flea treatment product. Therefore, you have to treat them manually or resort to non-toxic natural methods.

Treat the mother and bedding

The pet bedding is the perfect nest of fleas and the mother dog is also the host of the blood sucking insect. You need to wash the bedding in hot water or replace it to clear fleas away. The pet house should be cleaned and vacuumed to get rid of all fleas and their offspring.  For the mother dog, flea shampoo or flea comb can be used to remove fleas hiding among their furry coat. It is better to apply non-toxic flea treatment product to the mother dog because it may in return affect the puppy. Once the surrounding sources and host for flea residing is under control, you can move on with the flea treatment on puppy.

Warm bathe and comb the puppy

Let’s keep the puppy body clean and dry to deter fleas from attaching to their body. Prepare a warm water sink or basin, put the puppy there with your hand supporting their head over the water. Gently rub their fur to make the whole body wet. Lift the puppy out and dry clean it with a towel. Now the puppy is ready to be combed. The close teeth of the comb will help to remove fleas as you move it along the puppy body. Pay attention to the neck and ear while fleas are most likely to be there. Kill the fleas dropping out of the comb right away by squishing them or dumping it into boiling water.

How To Get Rid Of Fleas On Your Puppy

House cleaning

Fleas could hide in other places such as carpets, rugs, or upholstery in house. Even when the pet bedding and the puppy itself is free of fleas, it is possible that fleas residing somewhere in house could attack it again. Therefore, your house should be treated for flea infestation. The easiest way is cleaning and vacuuming it thoroughly. Removable items such as rugs or carpets could be washed in hot water or dried at high temperature. If you intend to treat the house with flea fogger due to heavy infestation, remember to move puppy away from treated areas. When the living environment is free of fleas, the puppy will be guaranteed to stay healthy.

To sum up

Fighting against fleas requires patience and effort. For puppy, you may need greater care, but it is worth investing time and effort to cure your beloved pet from flea attack. If you’ve tried to save your puppy, but no effect, ask for veterinarian advice or treatment so that your puppy will be taken care of better.

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