How to go green in 2014

Protecting our home, that is the earth, is as important as the technology we create, so today’s article will be about things that you can do in order to help in protecting our beautiful planet.
You have many enemies to fight such as toxic gas emission, planet’s warming ( more specifically, the ozon not being able to do its job as it once done ), improper riddance of toxic and radioactive waste material, Today, we are going to present ways you can go green in the coming year. Toxic waste material, oil spills, and every other improper material recycling has killed  enough animals and people, so it is our responsibility to take care of our parts ourselves.
1 – Proper Disposition
One of the first steps in helping the environment grow and cope better with the existing problems is to properly dispose of waste material.
A good way to recycle valuable material is to simply sell it so the environment doesn’t have to dispose of it itself, and cope with the emission of the gasses and other waste material released.
Always remember to properly put everything in place (throw glass containers in the glass space, the papers in the paper place, and the plastic in the plastic place.)
Separate your plastic and food waste material. The trash pickers know what to do with the plastic waste material, and street collecters will get money for your waste. You will also be helping the environment.
As the plastic waste is recycled, there is less need to produce plastic, which in itself produces waste and fumes that are bad for the ozon.
Your food waste material, if you have a garden, you can use as soiler, which is a very good way of recycling.
2 – Electrically powered cars
Electrically powered cars are dropping price as there is a huge demand for them, and Ford and Chevrolet already have working prototypes of their models, Ford Electric and Chevrolet Volt respectively. These two cars consume 4.2 liters for 100 kilometers, and we are awaiting the possibility of using only electricity in the near future ( imagine being able to charge your car overnight! ).
These will be good for environment as the fuel  is used only for the generation of electricity. The gasoline powered  motor is replaced by an electric motor, and the battery consumption costs much less for 100 km than the gasoline consumption for the same kilometers. So electrically powered cars are definitely a thing to try if you really care about the environment.
3 – Using as much as eco fuel
Speaking of consumption and fuel, you should always take a fuel that is more careful with the environment like Diesel fuel instead of pure gasoline.
4 – Joining a local clean-up action
You can join a local organization based on protecting the environment and go to their meetings regularly, or just participate in the trash collecting actions. These are great for the environment as we directly clean the trash and help recycling forward.
Overall, it is our responsibility to help the environment, so let’s do exactly that!
Keep reading and have fun!

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