Places to take your family in this weekend

The long week is finished, and now you need to refreshen by going to some places with your loved family.But where to go? You might have no ideas that come up in your mind now, but the whole city is revolved around your need to be entertained and you have so many places to go it is impossible to count them in a lifetime!
In this article we are going to enlist the location to take your children to, so you can have fun while having them have even more fun!
Let’s first begin with one of our favorites:
1  – Rollercoasters
One of the first roller coasters being built in 1917 using wooden tracks, it is one of the most fun parts of a day in fun parks. You can get your children up one of these ( provided they meet the minimum age for said roller coaster ).
You can give the little ones an experience where they get a nice shot of adrenaline and end up funnily dizzy asking for another ride again.
Roller coasters are not for the faint hearted or for the people literally having cardio vascular problems, as you might get a heart attack from the feeling of fear.
2 – Malls
If you have enough money, you can get your children to a mall, where they can do their “oh i want this, i want that” freely with you, and pamper your whole family with a good cotton candy session or indulging in whatever sweets you like.
Most big malls have play station, billiard, electronic car games, and many other of this kind where your children can get a good dose of fun, while you are drinking your coffee ( but hey, the question here is, why dont you join them in their fun and play with them? ). Overall, its a good idea to go to a mall.
3 – Beach Resort
If you have a beach, or you are close to the sea / local area, then taking them there is definitely a great idea. They can take their toys, their hats, their sun protection lotions ( if it is summer time ), their beach balls, and you can start the car engine and head towards the closest region.
The reason we recommend this is because the beach, or any other surface close to the sea, always have a relaxing atmosphere ( mainly because blue is a relaxing color to the brain, scientifically ). Definitely a place to try going to.
4 – Zoo
One place your children can have fun while learning is the zoo. They can see dangerous animals caged and protected for their safety, they can see animals that do funny stuff, that are a cute, that scare them, or simply attract their curiosity.
5 – Comedy Teather
In every city that i know, there was a children’s comedy teather where they can get a good laugh. Most of these are very cheap ( since nobody goes to teathers anymore ) and you children can have one of the most fun days for a small price.
There are thousands of places to go, and not enough time to visit all of them.
Thanks for the read and keep it up!

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