Profitable niches that you can teach the young ones

It is very nice to have your children learn things in school that he might need in future, but it is even nicer to have him enjoy learning about his favorite niche.
For example, as a child, i loved computers, so i kept on learning so much about it that i have become an expert at them. Your children might have an hobby like this ( which if it is profitable, it is purely perfect ). But i am sure that you want to teach them a niche too.
And that is exactly what we are going to in todays article. We are going to help you in choosing a niche to start teaching your children so they can have a nice future.
Teaching them a profitable niche from a young age, will help them in the future much ( with the condition of that niche still being profitable, but we have chosen the most stable ones anyway ), but if that niche gets them interested and passionate enough, they might soon become multi millionaires themselves.
1 – Entrepreneurship
Entrepreneurship is the idea of watching out for profitable ideas, services, or goods, and jumping on them, producing a high amount of it in a short time, and estabilishing yourself as the primary or at least an important source for that product.
You might teach your chidren to be able to watch out for products that might request very high demand in the near future ( such as iPhone 5 ), buy a high supply of them, and in times, save enough money to be able to buy whole-sale for the public.
A good entrepreneur is able to sell high price products like cheap bread, and the cuts that they get for being able to sell products are simply crazy.
2 – Sales & Marketing
Marketing is a growing and expanding niche that never ceases to amaze me on how profitable it can be. If your little one is the loud, hyperactive, and happy kind of person, then marketing is definitely for him.
Marketing and Sales are the niches where your little one is responsible for convincing users to buy certain products. In the hands of a good company, and a product of good demand and reputation, will get your child on the way to become a rich person in a small amount of time.
Plus that if your children is quite extroverted, and needs constant stimulation, you will make your chidren happy.
3 – IT Industry
The IT Industry, on its own, is the best paying job in the world. If your chidren has a talent for solving problems, is a genius, and not quite extroverted, then the IT industry is perfect for your kid. He or she has the chance to grow, to learn new things, to discover, and to build a very good and solid carreeer.
4 – Graphical Design
If your chidren is the artsy type, then graphical design is perfect for him. A very-fast growing desk job, which needs creativity and care on details, excellent business for your art loving children.
Thanks for the read and keep it up!

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