Seyi Law – The Famous Comedian

Oluwaseyitan Aletile, a renowned comedian talks about how the nation’s entertainment industry is getting hit due to piracy.

Seyi Law was the name given to him by a senior comedian, Jedi, whom he met in the year 2006. During his first meeting with Jedi, he was performing at a church and his performance got a standing ovation from the audience. After the show the senior comedian met him and told him that he had to change his name from Seyi Easy to something different.

Seyi Law – The Famous ComedianProfession as a Comedian

Seyi recalls that he always used be a funny guy since childhood, taking up funny roles in dramas and also took part in different activities. He also stated in school he was the president of the cultural and dramatic club. He said there was a small break after his school, when he took up different kind of jobs to support his family. He was involved in different kind of activities, ranging from managing his family business to selling clean water and a lot of more just to raise enough money.

He said his one of his cousin used to always encourage him by saying that ‘you are a good comedian and good make that as your professional.’ Well, that really did change his life.

Number of Jobs before Comedy came along

The famous comedian during his past –time had been involved in many jobs to make money for his family and so that he could sustain his family. Many of things he still recalls his selling fish, rice, working at construction site and a lot of other stuff. But when comedy struck, things definitely changed for Seyi Law. He also stated that now in comedy, he tries to mix up languages and make up jokes, particularly with a mix of his own language i.e. Yoruba.

Challenges by upcoming Comedians

Since the film, music or say it by any name, the ‘glam industry’ is always witnessing the entry of new comers and same is the case with comedians. When asked to law that whether he fears that challenge that would be due to the new comedians entering the industry, then he stated that in the industry everyone has his own place and that the sky is too wide to fit in all. He also stated that like many senior gave him opportunity to grow, in the same way he is now helping juniors gain entry. He said the only challenge he faces is the challenge to work harder.

Law’s Married Life

He still recalls meeting his wife in the year 2007 on September, the 30th at the Global impact church. After dating each other for more than three and a half years, they got married in March 2011. He tells that the only reason he married her was because he loved her and she cared for her relentlessly.

Having achieved a lot in life, the famous comedian Seyi Law is still a down to earth fellow who loves spending quality time with family.

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