Possible Reactions Of United States’ Military Beat On Syria

A missile attack on Syria by the United States can trigger chain explosive reactions from Syria and its neighboring countries, including Syrian allies like Iran and Hezbollah. Experts are of the opinion that this blowback would hit Israel’s or U.S targets. However, it can also be said that Syria completely stops using the chemical weapons, while rejecting all relations with U.S.  Possible reaction of this military attack on Syria is as follows.

Possible Reactions Of United States’ Military Beat On Syria

According to Syrian military officers, if U.S attacks Damascus, Aviv will also be targeted and this full-scale attack against Damascus will give Syria the license to attack Israel and other countries that are in alley with the U.S. If U.S force keep attacking Syria then Syria will further attack Israel and this would affect other neighboring countries as well.

U.S officials have some different opinion about Syria’s plan and they are saying that Syria should count the reprisal risk before planning a massive attack. Otherwise, they may have to loss more than what they are expecting to gain. Whatever they plan, they should do it without provoking further attack from U.S.

The chain military attack from U.S can also influence Iran to aim an attack on Israel. Leaders from Iran are using strong criticism against the U.S nowadays. They have already threatened U.S not to involve in Syrian conflicts and warned that they will make military strike on Israel if U.S involve in Syrian issues. One of the official commented on Iran’s Fars news channel that Iran would not dare to flatten Israel, in spite of knowing that the country is tied to United States’ national security. However, if Iran decides not to attack Israel, still they will continue supporting Assad. Russia is supporting Iran strongly and is ready to provide them with more weapons and more fighters to fight against U.S.

Critics are of the opinion that massive military attack in Syria would also influence the militant and Islamic extremist groups to plan attacks against U.S allies and targets. Hezbollah, Iran’s one of the biggest clients is already involved in civil wars of Syria and if U.S keeps attacking Syria, Iran will encourage Hezbollah to engage more in these issues.

Officials from Obama’s administration are commenting that U.S is being wrongly accused of asserting chemical weapon in Syria. They are trying to prove the fact that not U.S but Assad’s forces are using the chemical weapon on the Syria. If U.S is not actually responsible for chemical weapon attack, then Syria will have to face a lot when the attack is over.

However, the most possible repercussion of the strike would be that finally U.S would have to take responsibility to stop chemical weapon attack in Syria. Obama’s officials have made clear comment that president has no other interest than this and that is why they are interrupting in the wars. If he finally succeeds in preventing an attack on Israel and South Korea, he will take further steps to prove the fact.

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