How To Make A Career In UX Design?

How To Make A Career In UX Design?

The pictures and visuals that we see in our day to day life play a great role in making products and services presentable to our eyes. User Experience(UX) Design is the process of designing an experience for users. It is a new domain of designing that changes as quickly as a user wants to. It deals with user psychology, usability testing as well as designing of paper prototypes and final wire frames. If have deep interest in designing and want to have a career in this emerging field, then here are some areas that you will have to pay attention to:-

Take into Account Location and Salary

Check updates in well-known educational magazines and websites regarding the places where UX designers are in great demand. For example, UX careers are most needed in Houston, San Francisco and Las Vegas. There can be other places within the US where there might be demands for skilled UX designers. Salary is no constraint for talented designers. A UX designer based in Washington DC can, for instance, earn as much as $1,20,000 annually.

How To Make A Career In UX Design?

Understand the Work Process  

If you are new to the job, then you might need a few weeks to become acquainted with the workflow to accomplish UX design projects within deadlines. One interesting thing to note is the fact that unlike other domains of design, UX design has more to do with research rather than design. Therefore, you will have to spend a good deal of time to interview, follow and create personas and scenarios based on your findings.Though clients will never come to know about the pre-work, yet it will help you create a functional product that will serve their requirements.

Choose a University with Care

There are quite a few colleges and universities that offer degrees in UX design at the graduate level. Some of them, such as the Missouri State University, offers a dual credit at undergraduate as well as the graduate level. Employers look for designers with sound knowledge and creativity. Therefore, a degree in UX design would be ideal for you. If you do not have a formal degree in design, then graduation in programming, technical writing or mass communication could be good enough to offer some exposure to UX training.

How To Make A Career In UX Design?

Access Information About UX Design Courses from Different Sources 

You can get a lot of valuable details related to UX design from the internet. There are some sites that offer online courses in UX design. You can verify their ratings and find out how many students opt for such a course. You can also follow well-known UX designers on LinkedIn through their blogs or follow their podcast.

Books such as Steve Krug’s Don’t Make Me Think can enrich you a lot about user experience and usability. If you are good in research and have a flair for designing, then this career is meant for you. You will have a great experience in designing brands that become household names in the long run.

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