How To Make A White Bedroom Interesting

Painting a room with white color is a proven décor trick that is unlikely to go out of style anytime soon. Whether it’s a bathroom or a bedroom, a white room can still be warm and inviting with the right furnishings, accessories, textures, and accent colors. A white color scheme is relaxing and peaceful, but it can quickly become blunt and sterile if you don’t pay attention to the details. Let’s take a look at a couple of ways about how to make your white bedroom more attractive.

How To Make A White Bedroom Interesting

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Adding textures is a good idea to give a white room some visual boost, and fabrics are the best option for that purpose. Change the window curtains, pillow covers, and add new duvets or quilts to your neutral bedroom. Go for gray, beige, or other soft colors if you’re not ready for a color blast!

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Windows are a great place to add some design details to save a place boring place. As it has been mentioned above, you try with curtains, valance, or blinds. However, if you want to keep them open, focus on the frames. In a neutral room, wooden window frames or at least painting them in a wooden color will bring instant charm and warmth.

How To Make A White Bedroom Interesting

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Modern wainscoting design to one or multiple walls can make the room look interesting. The walls take the largest portion of a room, and if they look drab, the whole place can seem stark and lifeless.  You can paint the beadboard panels in a different color or keep them in white, as the texture of such panels is enough to add visual depth to a place.

How To Make A White Bedroom Interesting

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A four-poster bed is a perfect prop to lift up a neutral bedroom. Some people say that the beds are fussy, but you can easily keep things simple by choosing a contemporary model featuring clean lines. The bed frames can be stainless steel or wood. However, you can choose a striking black color for adding a touch of drama!

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Decorating the room around a theme will help to keep the monotonous vibe away. With the right printed fabrics, pillows, and a few accessories, you can easily give the place your desired look. Floral, beach, coastal – all are familiar themes, especially during the summertime.

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Adding warmth with cozy, snuggling things also works well in making a place inviting. If it’s a guest bedroom with a white color scheme, try to make it as comfortable as possible so that your guests love to spend time there. Knitted cushions, woolen throw, plush pillows, and a lovely rug are small things but can change the dull bedroom in a big way!

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Antique furniture pieces are a design statement on their own. So, incorporating an antique piece of furniture such as a dressing table or a chest of drawers will draw the eyes away from the unexciting color scheme. If you can manage such a furniture piece, paint the existing ones with an antique paint. Bring some small details such as framed pictures and a breezy canopy to add to the charm.

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Not much magic apparently happens in a white or neutral bedroom unless you jazz it up with some accent colors. Some people may prefer creating an entire accent wall or ceiling, but you can still create an impact by keeping things straightforward and minimal. If your big white bedroom looks somewhat sterile, breathe life into with accents like printed pillows, warm wooden picture frames, table lamps, and large green potted plants. These things will make the place lively without affecting the relaxed vibe that people expect to have in their sleeping space.

White bedrooms are not boring. They exude a classic style that goes with the most contemporary design trends. However, sometimes they need a little bit makeover because nothing is perfect on its own and there’s always a scope for improvement when it comes to decorating a place. Mixing up these styles to your neutral bedroom will give it a new look and save it from being clinical and cold.

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