Know about Vietnam visa

Vietnam is a live market to most of the UK citizens as it is rich in natural resources and hosts many cultures across the world with its popularity in nutritious, delicious fruits and cuisines. Besides, it serves to be the centre for dynamic economic growth and appeals to be an ideal place to carry business. Here are some handy advices before you apply for Visa for Vietnam UK citizen on arrival in the embassy of Vietnam.
A UK citizen can visit Vietnam without visa in the following cases

  • He/she can stay upto a maximum of 15 days in Vietnam without passport,
  • He/ She can stay with a valid original passport mostly validity must be within six months.
  • If the arrival date falls within 30 days of exit from Vietnam and with a proper visa exemption

In all the other cases a UK citizen has to apply to obtain a visa at Vietnam embassy in London or he/ she may apply the same online if the citizen is travelling by the means of transport other than air as, visa on arrival is given to the travellers who travel to Vietnam by air.
Visa requirements for Travelling to Vietnam
Travellers to Vietnam are required to apply online with the genuine details their demographic information and purpose of their visit and need to pay the processing fee using online payment method specified by the embassy website. After applying, UK citizen receives an approved visa within a span of two days via E-mail, which has to be downloaded for producing the same on request from the authorities at the point of boarding the flight upon arrival one has to produce online visa approval, with at least two photographs and original passport with minimum six month validity after producing all the necessary documents to the immigration department officials you are required to fill in the entry exit form which is available at airport. After, filling the form you need to pay the fee in VND or USD then a red stamp and sticker of visa will be added to the passport
Visa applied online supports business and tourist visa. Business visa i.e., B1 Visa supports the person to stay for six months and can be extended with renewal where as tourist visa i.e, C1 visa allows the tourist to stay for 90 days.
Citizens coming to Vietnam on air are granted with visa by the immigration department in the airport itself, for those who com by other means have to contact nearest Vietnam embassy to complete the process. Visa on arrival is the cheapest and best service available whereas the people coming through other means have to undergo some turmoil in fetching the visa.
For business visa i.e., B1 visa one has to apply online beforehand and has to mention all the facts and submit the documents of the same and go through the process as mentioned above with sponsorship letter from company in home land and company where the business is to be done.

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