How To Master The Art Of Glitter Tears

Doing your eye makeup always feels good when the outcome is pretty. We put eye shadows, eyeliners, mascara and eye pencils. On that Halloween day, you can add glitter tears to your eyes, just after you have applied your eye shadow or at the very lower part of your eye. Glitter tears have been in our fashion magazines since October 2015 and it is a trending thing. They make you appear like you have been crying all along and your makeup is coming out. They are mostly shiny and cannot be applied just like any other makeup because you will look crazy; it is only applied when going to a specific event.


For the glitter tears to appear fine, you have to know the eye makeup tips and master them well. This procedure will help you know how to apply your glitter tears properly.

  • Choose the correct eye shadow primer and apply it. Before applying your eye shadow, read the labels before purchasing it and go for the one that is sticky and will dry and not appear runny after a few seconds of applying it. If you are not using tinted primers, apply some foundation after applying the primer.
  • Apply your eye shadow first on your eye lids. Use your fingers or brush to apply it on your eyelids and make sure to follow the label instructions. If you wish to apply your glitter tears on your face, just below your eyes, on your cheeks, apply the eye shadow there.
  • Take your glitters first, choose the best glitter that has the best quality and can last for a longer time and will not leave your skin feeling irritated. Find the best shade that is neutral or close to what you will be wearing. Apply it using eye shadow brush, Tilt your head facing backwards to give you a favorable angle of application and to reduce the risk of the glitters from falling on your face.
  • Before applying your glitter, apply lash glue that will not come out easily.
  • Apply a thin layer of the glitter to whichever part you want. Use your finger to do this and make sure it blends with the rest of your make up.
  • You can let it dry for some time and soften the edges to make the look more smart.
  • If you want to stay with the glitters for a long time, consider using a makeup setting spray.
  • Wash your hands well after applying so that you don’t lick it or touch other parts of your face with it.

How to clean up glitters

When you apply glitters on your cheeks, it may end up being messed up and call for a cleanup. The tips below will help you know how to clean up the glitters without spoiling your other face make up:

  • When you wish to apply glitters it is advisable to apply your eye makeup first before applying your face make so that it can prepare your eyes for the glitters and it won’t interfere with your face makeup.
  • You can remove glitter that has fallen on your cheeks by using a piece of cloth and tap it on your cheeks.
  • A clean powder brush can also be used to remove particles that have landed on that part of your face that was not meant to have the glitters.

How to remove glitters

Just like how we remove our makeup in the evening using cleansers, glitters too have to be removed. Use a scotched tape and put it on top of your glitters. They come out neatly without messing up your face. Alternatively, use oil based makeup remover but make sure to be gentle with it so that it does not irritate your skin. Another way of removing glitters is by using olive oil or coconut oil. Put some drops of either of the oils in a piece of cotton wool and put it on your face. Let it settle for some minutes to allow the glitter to dissolve. This eye makeup tips will help you put your glitters well and know to clean them in case of a mess.


Glitters have become trending and celebrities have been spotted in events looking glamorous in this makeup. Make sure to learn the tips of doing this makeup or find someone to do it perfectly for you, since you can really look bad if you apply it excessively or apply it wrongly and have some glitters falling down in your cheeks.

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