Apart from a healthy diet, exercise and yoga, proper rest and comfortable sleep is necessary. A pregnant woman is usually uneasy at night and is unable to sleep ,which is not good for both, the mother and the baby. Thus, many things should be taken into consideration to provide the mother with the best comfort.

Even if the room is dark and the mattress is comfortable, the pregnant woman often keeps on switching positions and sides to get a good comfortable posture to sleep but she fails to do the same. This is because, the tummy needs something to rest on. Thus, the concept of nursing pillows comes into play. The first question to ask is that how to use a nursing pillow during pregnancy. The shopping list for a pregnant woman should definitely include nursing and breastfeeding pillows. These are actually not luxuries ,but necessities. We can also say that these pillows are worth every penny. These pillows provide support and the pregnant woman usually place them between their legs, against their back and under their bump to sleep comfortably at night.


Breast feeding pillows come under the category of nursing pillows. Breastfeeding can be tricky, thus it is very important to find a pillow with the right amount of support to help the process. They come in various styles and designs and are made to help you support your baby in the proper position for breastfeeding.  The  Selection of such a pillow before investing in it is also an important task at hand. If the mother decides to breastfeed her child for just a few months ,then a small one will do, but if the baby is to be breast feed for a couple of years then go with a larger sized pillow that can support a bigger child. However, a pillow may not be necessary for support as your baby get past a year old because by that time the baby is capable of supporting himself.

There are many benefits of nursing pillows both during and after pregnancy. These include the following:

Pillows make pregnancy easy and comfortable, they help the baby get a good latch. Thus a good latch means pain free feeding sessions. A nursing pillow can be a great option if a lady is recovering from a c-section. It protects the incision site and helps it heal faster. Many babies suffer from reflux and colic, these problems worsen if the baby is not properly propped up during breastfeeding. Most women don’t know beforehand and miss out to buy these pillows and don’t realize their importance until she experiences the pain and uneasiness. These pillows are thus an important part of pregnancy shopping.

You need to take note of the fact that breastfeeding is the time when you bond with your baby. The last thing you need is any form of distraction, so find a quite spot where you can go on to feed your baby. Ideally it is suggested that you locate the pillow below the waist.

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