How to pick a right name for your dog?

How to pick a right name for your dog?

The moment when you get to know that you are going to be a parent; you begin to look for a name for the child right? Of course, you pick a couple of names of both boys and girls. The excitement is certainly high and you are filed with so much of glee. But what when you plan to have a dog at home? Do you fill up with that amount of excitement and joy?  Are you one of those who would simply give your dog a random name? Come on, you cannot simply shake off the fact that these furry fellows are precious too. You need to give them a name that has a meaning or emotion attached to it.

How to pick a right name for your dog?

Are you serious about names?

If you are really serious about the names you would be giving to your beloved dog then there are different ways in which you can reach to an apt name. The good news is that you would have an emotional touch with the names once you tactfully pick a name for your beloved dog. Following are a few tips that might turn out to be helpful in giving your furry friend a good name.

The features of the dog

Every dog has different features, traits and habits right? If you are going to name a pet dog that you have just picked in your lap; you can simply observe it for some time. If you don’t want to spend time at observing and understanding the habits and traits of your dog, that is okay. You can start from his features. Just find out which type of features the dog has. Does he have any spots on him? If yes then you can pick a name like spotty, dot or even dash. In this way there would be a resemblance in the name and the features the dog carry. Similarly, if the dog is white then you can go for names like snowy and if the dog is black then the names like black, shadow, dusky can be considered. In case, the dog is brown, then the names like Browny, Chocolate or Brunette can be taken. Similarly, if the eyes of the pet have some specific spark or colour like blue or brown; you can pick names like sparky, handsome and so on.

If you are adopting a dog who is quite big now and you want to give him a new name; go as per the habits he has. If you find your dog sleeping most of the times; you can name him sleepy or drowsy. Some dogs even snore a lot and if your one is among them then don’t hesitate to name him sound. Come on, these might look like funny but these names are really good. Finally, if your dog is quite clear about what he wants then you can even call him a leader. These names would directly tell about their characteristics and traits.

Don’t Make It Embarrassing

Many people have a tendency to give their dog a name randomly. Maybe you are not giving the name with enough thought but it can become embarrassing for you. What is the point if you are taking your dog on a walk and you have to call him amidst a huge rush? If the name is not presentable; it would be really uncool for you.  The point is you have to be quite decent and thoughtful in the name you give him. No matter what type of name you give him, it has to be presentable. As an example, if your dog stays quite irritated it does not mean you name it fussy. That would give really a shallow impression about you and of course the furry fellow. Dog’s names should be picked with the utmost care and mindfulness.

Things you love

If you are really passionate about something, you can name your dog with a name that has a connection with it.  If you are a music lover and you have a gorgeous female dog; you can name it Rhythm or melody. Come on, you can be as creative in your ways as you wish to be.  If you are a fan of sports, games, painting or any other activity; you can pick a beautiful name out of them.    For example, name like ‘Doodle’ can be picked. Colours can also go well with names if you love them passionately. For example, if you love the shade yellow, don’t vacillate to have it for your beloved furry dog. Just imagine you are calling your dog with the name Yellow; ‘Take it Yellow’.  Similarly, shades like golden, silver, black, purple can also be thought about. But remember there is no need to give your dog a name that is of your favourite sportsperson or celeb; it won’t look elegant. Of course, you can pick a name of a platform like ‘Twitter’, ‘Facebook’ or ‘Google’.

Of course, there are people who love seasons and weathers too. If you are one of them then why not pick a name out of these areas? How about a name like summer or spring? You can even go for days like Sunday or Friday. If you think that your beloved dog is lucky for you then name it lucky. After all, you have the right to name your gorgeous dog the way you wish. Be it, male dog names or female names; you can easily figure out things once you think a little. You can literally take names from fruits and vegetables too. How about Mango and Apple?  The point is you can squeeze a name out of anything provided it is decent, meaningful and fine. The way you give much attention to the names you keep for your children, you need to be little considerate about the names for your doggies too.

Thus, it would be an easy affair to name your dog once you have these things in mind. Just blend your priorities, choices, preferences and interests and end up with a name that is apt for your dog.

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