Why Deferred Maintenance Is A Bad Idea

Why Deferred Maintenance Is A Bad Idea

Homeowners and business owners have responsibilities that renters don’t have. While owning a real estate property is often rewarding, it also comes with risks and costs. The unfortunate reality is that problems with a property don’t arrive on your schedule–they can crop up at any moment, even when money feels a little tight. Of course, it’s sometimes tempting for property owners and managers to put off maintenance and repair jobs for a “better” time. However, in most cases, that’s a mistake.

Your Property’s Vital Systems

You don’t have to be an expert in property maintenance to appreciate that a home or business space relies on vital systems to remain productive and comfortable. With a faulty electrical system, a space can become unusable, uncomfortable, and at increased risk of fire. With faulty HVAC systems, a space can become too hot, too cold, or unhealthy to spend time in. With faulty plumbing, a space can become miserable and unhealthy, fast. Flooding, wastewater, and other problems can wreck the space and make life tough for the people in it.

It’s important to understand that these systems do not work without proper maintenance. This is far from an all-or-nothing proposition. Degrees of neglect can result in degrees of problems, so even a small decision to skip maintenance or repair work can meet with a proportional–or, worse yet, disproportionate–consequence or danger. The right move is to create–and abide by–a good home maintenance checklist. Be proactive, and don’t put work off!

The True Cost of Deferred Maintenance

While you put off maintenance and repairs to your property’s vital systems, you’re living with risk and disruption. However, that’s not the only consequence of ignoring a problem on your property.

On top of the obvious and temporary consequences of allowing a system to work below its optimal standard, lasting disadvantages often occur that grow as you postpone vital work. When you defer maintenance and repair work, the problem you should be fixing won’t just stand pat: it’s possible to grow and become a bigger and bigger mess. That means increase danger and problems in your space, and increased expenses when it comes time to bite the bullet and repair the problem!

In this way, the act of deferring maintenance and repair work to avoid spending the cash is self-defeating. Like credit card debt or payday loans, a choice to defer maintenance results in steep penalties that outweigh the short-term benefits of keeping a little extra cash on hand. Some experts believe that deferring maintenance can as much as quadruple costs. The “cheap” path here is, in fact, by far the more expensive of the two; the real frugal choice is to spend the money!

How to Make Sure Your Space is Maintained

Of course, deferred repair work isn’t always a conscious choice. In some cases, it’s the result of just not realizing anything was wrong in the first place!

Home and business owners should invest in regular maintenance and routine inspections. For commercial properties, it often pays to hire a building manager; in all cases, it pays to work with professional electricians, plumbers, and other specialists who will help you decide when it’s time for your next check-up. Speak to them about preventative and protective measures, suggest the pros at Next Level Pipe Lining,proving for your system now could be the difference between a reliable, comfortable space and a pricey problem. Don’t wait until there’s a problem to reach out to home and business maintenance and improvement experts! When it comes to maintaining properties, being proactive about repairs and maintenance is the best thing you can do.

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