How To Pick The Best Resort For That Weekend Getaway

How To Pick The Best Resort For That Weekend Getaway

The cumbersome decision of choosing the perfect resort for you and your family could bring down all the excitement and enthusiasm of your vacation, but not anymore. Here’s a list of the things you need to check before narrowing down on that perfect resort.

How To Pick The Best Resort For That Weekend Getaway


If you are living in a city, there is no point checking into a resort located in the midst of another concrete jungle. Choose a resort that is situated somewhere in the lap of nature with lush green surroundings. A place like that is sure to rejuvenate your senses and give you the much needed change. Nothing is more relaxing than the peace and tranquillity you experience at such places.

Perfect for the whole Family

Make sure that the place has something that caters to all age groups. The resort should have indoor or outdoor activities if you are travelling with kids or teenagers. You wouldn’t really want your child lying in the room whole day doing nothing. Adventure activities and discos are pretty common in resorts nowadays. Also keep in mind that the place should have facilities for the elderly too.

Restaurants and Dining Options

You love Chinese but maybe your husband prefers Indian! Vacations are a time when you go to enjoy with your family so to avoid any arguments and fuss the resort should have multiple dining options. This way every member of the family can enjoy their choice of cuisine. Some resorts have an inclusive buffet system and others have a-la-carte, so you can choose the option you like.

Facilities offered

Go through the website of the resort or call them up to ask about the additional facilities that they offer. Most of the good resorts have well functioning gyms, spas, massage centres and other services. You could also ask them about the activities they conduct for children and youngsters. An indoor game area is pretty common in resorts nowadays.

Things to see around

You should also check the places around your resort where you could go sight-seeing or for recreational purposes. Nobody would want a resort located miles away from all the other good spots. That way, half your time and energy would just get spent in travelling. A lot of services are offered in the resort itself but having some amazing things to do off-site will just make the experience even more fun.

Value for Money

Be it a little less expensive resort or a luxury one, you need to check if the quality and the services provided are worth the money. Do not make the mistake of linking quality with price. For all you know, some of the high end luxury resorts could be overcharging you. It is always advisable to check the rates on various websites to get the best deals.

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