Pole Dancing Classes With Inner Me Studios

Recently, pole dancing classes are beginning to cater to a market of energetic and enthusiastic individuals who wish to incorporate this contemporary art form within their schedules. Pole dancing is fun, sexy and a visually mesmerizing kind of exercise that can make you feel young, free and fit altogether at the same time! Whether you happen to be a 6 ft tall ballerina or an unlikely shortswim suit model, a working woman or a housewife, single or married, the rising art and trend of pole dancing is the new and growing path for women self-empowerment. If you don’t know how to break free or let go of your crowded inhibitions, or how to loosen up in front of people and gain back that inner confidence that was once there but is now long lost in you, working up a session in the art and craft of pole dancing classes can gain back for you just the right amount of motivation to health and fitness goals as well as higher self-esteem and self-worth.

Pole Dancing Classes With Inner Me Studios

While many people still associate pole dancing classes to shameless strippers and the objectification and trivialization of women ideals into men stereotypes, we at Inner Me Fitness aim to eradicate these notions from the face of womankind. Dance is a unique and personal form of expression; music encourages us to move our bodies and let it flow against the undertones of its beat. Like any other categories of dance such as “Hip-Hop”, “Belly dancing” or even “Step Aerobics”, pole dancing classes branch out their way into familiarizing audiences with a new and exciting approach to welcoming a liberal perspective on dance.

Our team at Inner Me Fitness provides women with an appropriate and open platform into availing their pole dancing interests and discovering their new selves. Our team consists of motivated and talented female and male artists who wish to teach interested individuals through their own passions and personal experiences and let them grow through them. Inner Me Fitness provides a platform that caters to teaching and experience in other categories of dance as well. We provide an opportunity for students to learn from a variety of other classes never even heard of before! Examples include “Chair Dancing”, “Cardio Boxing”, “Nightclub Cardio” and even “Urban Kickboxing”. Join our audience of students from all walks of life into a one of a kind experience unlike anything ever before.

Our pole dancing classes at Inner Me Fitness require a weight limit where students must not exceed 270 lbs in weight. Also, all clients will receive $5 class credit for every person they refer when they arrive for their class. Upcoming parties and events keep both our staff and students interested and rejuvenated, and therefore members will receive $50 class credit for every party that they refer on the day of their arrival.

Register in advance with Inner Me Fitness for pole dancing classes to learn new sensual and sexy styles of transitions that will compliment your new pole performance and pole attitude every time.

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