How To Survive Life In A College Dorm

Worried about how it’s going to be living in a college dorm? Don’t fret too much. Doing research and preparing yourself before heading off is essential. So congratulations for looking into how you can make your transition smoother. If you know someone who attended the school you’re planning to attend, you should ask them questions about their experience. If not, research is the next best thing to learn what to expect and how to survive the problems you may run into.

Living in a dorm on campus can prove to be one of the best experiences of your life. Here is a quick mini-guide for surviving your first year.

Rooming with a Random Person

You don’t get to pick who you share your dorm with, so you’ll need to be open to the idea of living with a stranger you’ve never met. There are some colleges that allow you to choose your roommate, but more than half of the student body ends up with a random person. It’s not mandatory to become best friends or even close friends, but the two of you should at least try to get along. If things get really bad, you can request to switch rooms. Just take up the issue with the R.A.

Rooming with Your Bestie

Some people get the chance to room with their best friend. This is possible by requesting it through the school. This is a great set up for many reasons, but it doesn’t mean it will be perfect. Make sure boundaries are set from the get go, like asking permission before borrowing things. You should also have friends and activities outside of each other, so that the two of you don’t feel smothered or held back.

Bring Show Shoes

These are nothing more than a pair of plastic flip flops. You don’t want the spongy ones because they will only soak up the bacteria in the water in the bathroom. There are dozens of students taking showers in the same bathroom, so there will be plenty of bacteria. You should also bring along a caddy to hold all of your shower essentials, including rags, loofahs, shampoo, conditioner, soap and other hair and body products.

Buy Enough Food for a Week

You only have a small fridge, so it will only hold but so much food. Even if you are in a dorm that has a full fridge, you have to take into account the space needed for your roommates’ food. It’s best to go grocery shopping, so that you don’t have to waste money on fast food or eat the food in dining hall.

Get to Know Your R.A.

If possible, you should try to become friends with your R.A. This is the person who will help you whenever you’re having troubles in your dorm. Ask questions if you need advice and they will more than likely give you some. Who knows, you may be able to slide pass unscathed after violating the curfew.

Unless you’re attending Rutgers Online, learning how to survive on campus living is important. Keep these tips in mind as you prepare for yourself for the move to a dorm.

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