How To Teach Children English?

How To Teach Children English?

Most parents wish to see their child speak fluent English and have a good command over the language. What parents need to do is to coach them at home from an early age. Children pick up new languages faster than the adults, reason being that they are not conscious of making mistakes and get to practice more.

Teaching English to children is no rocket science but you would need to create an amicable environment at home to start the learning process. Spare time from your schedule to guide and encourage your young one to pick up the language. For that it’s important you are adept in the English language. Initially, input 15 to 20 minutes a day to start with your child.

How To Teach Children English?

Tips and Tricks to Teach Children English

Fixed Schedule

Coach your kid at least twice a day and pick those timings when your child is free from and can fully involve himself in the learning. Gradually increase the timings but make sure that he is enjoying and picking up. Speed up your instructions based on his grasping power. Make a habit to repeat the words that you are teaching your child in daily conversations as this will help him unearth its meaning and its daily use.

Teach through Songs

Singing rhymes and poems helps children to learn easy. So sing interesting and funny rhymes and poems with actions and ask them to sing and act along. The child will find the lesson interesting and will look forward to more.

Bedtime Story Books

Hold story sessions at bedtime and buy story books with attractive illustrations or take aid of online websites for storytelling. The illustrations and large fonts will attract kids’ attention and he will love to hear more. Narrate the story by pointing out at the illustrations in first round and in second round ask him to point at the illustrations as you read. Initially there will be mistakes but slowly he will grasp start narrating soon. For children, books are like budding friends so try to keep story hours with books, avoiding technology.

Play in English

To speed up learning, use English in all your activities to attract your child’s attention and improve his usage. Play games like hide & seek, word games, dressing up games and other kids games in English. The child will pick up through playing and will enjoy the sessions.

Teach with Objects

Discover the interest of your child and accordingly start his lessons. If the child has interest in colours, start with the name of colours; ask him to choose the colours from crayon box, it will be fun for him and simultaneously he will pick up the language. You can start with teaching english words for the following objects:

  • Numbers 1 to 100
  • Body Parts
  • Toys
  • Food
  • Clothes
  • Plants
  • Animals
  • Adjectives

Teach through Crafts

Kids love painting, crafting, gluing, baking, cooking etc. Involve them in these activities under your supervision and allow them to experiment. Use English words for every art and craft tool and activity. Since they are highly engaged in interested in the activities, they will grasp the english names easily.


When done with the beginning lessons in English, you can start teaching grammar. This involves patience as the child will make mistakes so you need to careful not to scold or interrupt him so that they don’t give up trying due to fear. For children above five, you can teach grammar through English grammar tutorials available online.

Practical Sessions

Take your child along when going shopping and make him choose his favourite vegetables and fruits at the mart. Ask him to choose his toiletries and arrange the bought articles along with him. Repetition helps learn quick and you will help him identify the things by their english name. Practical sessions work wonders than learning language at a learning centre.


Following the above tips, you will find immense improvement in your child’s vocabulary and language. Continue the lessons with different teaching techniques to inculcate a deeper interest of the subject in your child. Be patient and relaxed while tutoring him. Don’t worry if the child is slow, as this is absolutely normal. Also, teaching your kid amongst his age group can make learning English for kids a fun time.

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