Investment Opportunity For Traders and Investors In Bit coin


Bit coin is the latest form of online investment that has caught the interest of many people interested in the making some quick money. There is risk associated with all forms of investments and Bit coin is no exception. But, if one is careful, one can make a regular profit online from the Bit coin investmesssnt sites.

Choose a legitimate investment site

There are many legit bit coin investment sites online. You need to find the ones that pay often by reading the customer reviews and if possible talking to one or two of them. The website will usually offer a basic plan along with advanced plans. The open source platform is one such website. It is dependable, fast, and responsive which makes it interesting for the investors to make money in a short time.

When investing one must remain prepared to take risks. Remaining safe and comfortable is not going to give you money. You must go out there and make some investment. But, due to the high element of risk due to fraudsters and fake sites, one must exercise caution. Choose only well-recognized sites to make your investments.

Rise in the value of Bit coin

Investment Opportunity For Traders and Investors In Bit coin

But first, let us look at the history of this magnificent crypto currency. This is a recent player in the financial world that has come into existence only in 2010. If you had invested Rs 640 in bit coins back then, you would have received 33.33 bit coins. At that time in 2011, the value of the Bit coin was Rs 19. Through most of 2010, the value of Bit coin remained at Rs 3.84. What is remarkable is that it appreciated well in value and continued to do so until the present.

By the end of 2010, the value of Bit coin was Rs 302 meaning your Rs 640 was now worth Rs 10,068. This was a fifteen to sixteen-fold increase and we keep seeing this kind of volatility throughout the history of the Bit coin.  In June 2010, the value briefly rose to Rs 2,014.4 giving your Bit coin holding a value of Rs 68,067.65! This is what the investors look for and they get it from Bit coin.

Keep your investments in place

The bit coin investment return is phenomenal. Due to the high volatility on the crypto currency market, there is an appreciation in the value all the time. But, what the investors must look for is the stability of the trading platform and its responsiveness. Over the two years 2012-2013, the Bit coin rose to a phenomenal Rs 76,820 at the start of December and then ended the year at Rs 48,484. It still represented a 75-fold increase to those who invested Rs 640 ($10) in 2011.

This underlines the importance of keeping your investments in place for at least one or two years. Choose a good trading platform like to remain sure that your money is safe and you get a good return. They predict the value of the Bit co in will increase in the coming year like in the previous year 2016-17. It rose from Rs 65,111 in January 2017 to Rs 1,096,733 by the end of December 2017.

By investing in Bit coin, you get income stability. Choose the websites that have the backing of Block chain technology. You can make money online and the sooner you start investing, the better.

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