How To Upscale Old Office Furniture For Your Home

It’s official. Old is in and new is so last year. The upcycling trend has been bubbling along for a while now and has gradually become the ‘done’ thing amongst the contemporary homeowner.

This trend comes with plenty of advantages. It’s a real money saver, while also freeing you from the horrors of assembling flat pack furniture. Along with these big plus points, it also means you can stamp your personality on your home, so your new décor will be completely unique and completely ‘you’. It’s not all about shabby chic either; sleek, contemporary or cosy, this trend is for anyone looking to add instant individually to any room. Sound good? Well, it’s time to get started by taking a look at how you can upcycle tired or unwanted office furniture for use in your own home.

Get the Right Tools for the Job

Trying to revamp office furniture with some sticky tape and a few felt tip pens just isn’t going to cut it. If you want a professional finish (and who doesn’t!) then invest in some good paint and a decent spray paint primer. This gives your furniture a smart finish and protects from general wear and tear, so it looks great for longer. Get the right glue for the right material too, with ones specifically designed for metal, plastic and wood. Investing in some quality paintbrushes, a good craft knife, scissors and pliers will also make the task of upcycling much easier. When it comes to upholstery and material, always make sure you have more than you need in case you get too enthusiastic with the glue gun and have to start over!

How To Upscale Old Office Furniture For Your Home

Think Outside the Box

Just because it’s currently a boring filing cabinet, that doesn’t mean it’s destined to spend the rest of its life as one. Find a matching pair, add a table top and you’ve got yourself a new work desk. Retro looking glass bottles can become table lamps, storage cases can be converted into seats with a lick of paint and some comfy cushions and jam jars can be decorated to create storage for your odds and ends. Let your imagination flow to create something totally unique. Need some inspiration? Pinterest is the image-sharing platform that’s guaranteed to spark some ideas.

Don’t just Buy any Old Thing

As you get more confident with your upcycling, the temptation to purchase total rubbish will start to overwhelm you. You’ll be convinced you can transform the wormwood-riddled chest of drawers into a designer dressing table. You can’t and you won’t. You’ll just spend ages trying to salvage something and end up with nothing. Buy boring, but buy quality. Office clearances are usually a brilliant way to go as the furniture was made to withstand daily use, but not stand out, providing you with the perfect background for you create a masterful piece of upcycling.

Never underestimate the Finishing Touches

It’s the little extras that can take your newly upcycled furniture from drab to fab, adding a final touch of personality to your latest creation. Colourful handles on a chest of drawers instantly attract attention and they’re a cheap and cheerful way to complete a style. Tassels on lampshades add a retro feel, while some artfully applied metallic paint can give a set of pine dining chairs a futuristic finish.

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