How To Use A Money Clip

mens money clip card holder

In order to look stylish in today’s fashion conscious society it is necessary to understand the use of a money clip instead of an old fashioned wallet. The money clip is quickly becoming a social and fashion trend because of its ease of use, slim and elegant lines and it just plain looks cool. The large style wallets of your fathers time looks dated and messes with the lines of your clothing outfits.

Using a Money Clip

How To Use A Money Clip

The first thing to understand is how to use money clip instead of wallet. A wallet is an old-fashioned statement of how much junk and memorabilia you can stuff into a pocket. A money clip is the opposite. It simply states you are a man of means with cash in your pocket. Here are the steps to use your money clip effectively:

1. Collect only the necessary cash and cards that you can fit into your clip. This should only include enough cash for the day, one or two credit cards, and are driver’s license.

2. The next step includes ordering your cash for use. There are two schools of thought when ordering your money. The first suggests putting your small bills on the outside and large bills on the inside. The idea is that the large bills on the inside are protected and the most used small bills are on the outside. The second school of thought suggests putting large bills on the outside hiding a number of small bills underneath to suggest a larger amount of cash than is reality. Sometimes you just want to look like you have a fat wad of cash, other times you do not.

3. Next full the money in half sliding it into the money clip with the open ends out. This ensures that you can take one bill out at a time instead of removing your entire wad of cash.

4. Putting one to three cards in the middle of the cash can also be accomplished for most money clips. Simply slide the cards into the middle of the money. Other cards that are not required daily can be kept in a wallet in your vehicle’s glove compartment.

5. Choose which pocket you want to put your money clip in. Generally it will be in the pocket that you are most comfortable in accessing and is usually the offhand of your watch. This prevents your watch getting caught on your pants as you retrieve your money clip. This is especially useful when wearing jeans.

6. Another choice especially for combination money clips is whether to have the bills face out or in. Generally the leather card pouch should face in while the money faces out. As you pull your money clip from your pocket your money will be visible first for ease of payment.

7. The final decision is whether you place the open end down or up. In most cases you will want the open end to face up to prevent you bills edges from becoming creased or bent. This also ensures that your credit cards do not fall out into your pocket if your clip becomes loose.

A stylish men’s money clip card holder can provide a great alternative to a bulky wallet, follow these easy directions to stay organized and use it effectively.

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