Test Reveals Latest Smartphones With The Longest Battery Life

Test Reveals Latest Smartphones With The Longest Battery Life

Now that our smartphones and tablets can do a lot more, and can run so much faster now that superfast services such as the EE 4G smartphone network are up and running, it unfortunately means that their batteries are pushed to the limit. This can be a real problem for smartphone users, many of whom rely a great deal on their smartphones to organise both their work and home lives. Our smartphones have a lot of processes that keep on running even when we are not using them. These processes are really important o keep the Operating System running and work smoothly. These processes are the main reason for short battery life of Smartphones as they require a lot of battery to run.

If your phone constantly runs out of battery, it might be time to get an upgrade. Handily, the London Evening Standard’s Joshi Hermann has tested out some of the latest models to see which can stay powered up the longest.

Test Reveals Latest Smartphones With The Longest Battery Life

With the highly advanced processors like Qualcomm quad core processor etc. as well as highly advanced data connections like 4G connections the Smartphone have become a lot more power hungry. There is no doubt that the specifications and the applications installed in a Smartphone matter a lot when we are taking about battery life. Also different setting that you set on your phone also effect the battery life, like if you keep the brightness of you phone very high and if you have also enabled vibration as well as background data ( Android phones) on your Smartphone, then your phone’s battery is not going to last long and your phone will turn off in few hours even if it was fully charged. Although new smartphones that are being released in the market at present have advanced and much powerful batteries that are able to run the phone for much longer time.

The tests were based on a survey recently carried out by mobile network O2 which revealed that on average, people are using their smartphones for an average of 119 minutes a day. Around 16 minutes were put aside for social networking, 11 minutes for texting, 24 minutes for web browsing, 15 minutes for listening to music and 13 minutes for calls. To really put handsets through their paces, the time spent on calls, listening to music and using social networking was increased, and extra time was added for emailing.

The results of this heavy usage (which is a lot greater than the average person would use their smartphone in a day) test were as follows:

  • Apple iPhone 5c – lasted 12 hours
  • Samsung Galaxy S4 – lasted 16 hours and 45 minutes
  • Sony Xperia Z1 – lasted 11 hours
  • HTC One – lasted 10 hours and 30 minutes
  • Blackberry Q10 – lasted 12 hours
  • Nokia Lumia 1020 – lasted 13 hours and 30 minutes

As you can see from these results, the impressive Samsung Galaxy S4 came on top in the tests, having the longest battery life. A close second was another model which features amongst the latest mobile phone deals on EE and other networks, the Nokia Lumia 1020.

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