Important Venues for Wedding Photography in Melbourne

Wedding Photography Venue Melbourne

Pick the right wedding photographer by all means but also give attention to picking the venue because the location can make quite a difference to the looks of the images. Your wedding photographer may even recommend the best venues based on his experiences there.

Location, say the real estate experts, is everything. Think of weddings and venues make all the difference to the looks of your wedding photographs. If you are in Melbourne and plan to wed here then you will naturally pick the best wedding photography Melbourne Studio and, importantly, a scenic venue that will add glitz and bling to each image. Thankfully, for couples planning to wed (and for wedding photographers!), Melbourne has quite a few well known beautiful venues and a few not so well known but equally picturesque venues you can pick for the great day.


There is nothing like nature to create contrasts and harmony in wedding photographs. Melbourne has a wealth of such natural locations you can pick for your wedding venue.

  • St Kilda Botanical Gardens: This charming venue creates a perfect backdrop for your wedding imagery. It has beautiful flowering shrubs, vines, trees, open grassy areas, and water bodies.
  • Women’s Pioneer Memorial Garden: Not quite as well known as the more popular Carlton Gardens or Albert Park, this location is quiet, green, picturesque with its canal and grotto and a lovely setting for your wedding.
  • Albert Park: Picturesque and with a variegated landscape that includes a lake with the city in the background, this could be the perfect venue, especially for evening weddings. Carlton is an equally attractive venue with its period Royal Exhibition Building for a backdrop.
  • North Road Pier, Brighton: A little bit of the sea, a bit of beach and a wooden pier create a lovely composition. It is at its glorious best when the sun is just setting and the lights come on creating beautiful flickering lights on the water. Mornington is an equally enchanting beach location, perfect for evening weddings.

Your wedding photography Melbourne studio is likely to have captured a few weddings at these locations and can give you advice on which one suits you best.

Wedding Photography Place


You have streets with character and unique architecture and you have period buildings to pick from.

  • Abbottsford Convent: A beautiful period building sits on top of rolling lawns. It is just classic.
  • Melbourne University: A full-scale wedding may not be possible but wedding photography certainly is at this beautiful location with its enchanting and imposing gothic building.
  • The Heavenly Queen Buddhist Temple: Why stick to Victorian or Gothic architecture when you have the quaintly exotic Heavenly Queen Buddhist temple for your wedding venue. The Chinese style temple with a small lake in front is just lovely and oh so different.
  • Flinders Street Station: It is an out and out urban location but just stunning, especially for night weddings and if it rains just a little bit, the effect can be exquisite for photography.

These are by no means the only locations that make for exquisite wedding photography Melbourne. The point is that most people choose a venue and then the wedding photography Melbourne studio. With their wealth of experience at the finest locations in Melbourne, professional wedding photographers can help you in choosing one that harmonizes with the overall idea and leads to the imagery that leaves lasting impressions. Discuss venue choices when you are negotiating for Melbourne wedding packages. The wedding photographer can give insights into these venues, their attraction for photography and the best time to arrange your wedding for the most flattering images.

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