Things All Brides Should Know Before Investing in a Wedding Album

leather bound photo album

It is tough being a bride in the Instagram generation. Apart from the marriage, a girl also has to worry about clothes, food, venue, and her wedding album.

Now, naturally no one wants their wedding album to look like ‘meh’, so you might have already invested in a skilled wedding photographer. However, when it comes down to decorating that leather bound photo album it is entirely in your hands.

So, to make sure you create a unique wedding album, for this blog has a few things to discuss beforehand.

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  1. Photo Album or Photo Book

Most of you might assume that a photo album and book is the same. However, these are both quite different things. A photo album has the following features:

  • Is printed using a photographic procedure.
  • Comes with a bound leather cover of general or premium quality.
  • Possess flat pages.
  • Uses specialized photo paper.

Contrary to that a photo book has the following perks:

  • Uses a digital press for printing.
  • Possesses regular or lay flat pages.
  • Uses the double-sided basic paper.
  • Usually comes with soft covers.

So contrary to a photo book, a photo album is of finer quality. Thus, make sure to know the difference between the two when you’re ordering these online. The best part for a classic wedding scrapbook is that you can pick a leather bound photo album of the finest quality for featuring your special day.

  1. Find the Ideal Cover

Once you are well versed with the album, time to pay attention to the covers! Try to buy leather covers as these tend to last longer, radiate an old-world charm and look aesthetically appealing on wedding photos. You can pick the following types of covers for your photo album.

  • Genuine leather ones: An album with genuine leather usually has 3 sections with individual leather pieces that decorate the spine, back and front.
  • Embossed leather: This one comprises of the singular embossed leather piece. One example of embossed leather is snake or crocodile skin.
  • Premium leather:  A singular high-quality leather piece that binds the whole album together comprises of premium leather.

Now, depending on your preference, theme and wedding images, pick the cover and album that suits your needs best.

  1. Consider Pages Too!

The pages you pick for the album will also determine how well featured your photos will look. This is why you can either pick matte, glossy or lustre. Now, the matte one will have a dull yet professional and smooth finishing. Further, it has fewer chances of attracting glares or fingerprints.

The glossy one is shiny, beautiful but might show fingerprints. Lastly, the lustre is a combination of matte and glossy. It is medium shiny, reduces fingerprints and glares and radiates a skilled finish.

So, depending on the colour theme and type of image you wish to flaunt, pick the page that will suit your leather wedding album best.

Well, now that you know of the things to keep in mind, find the ideal wedding album for your special day. All the best!

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