Improve Endurance of Your Client With Right Sprint Training

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Did you know that sprint training is gaining more and more popularity among the experienced as well as amateur exercisers? As per the recent research, when cyclists tried to do sprint training in their daily work out regime a greater degree of improvement in the cardiovascular outcomes have been found that too in less duration of time. Isn’t that amazing fact? You would be more amazed to know that one of the research work even estimated that just a few sessions of 30 seconds sprints with 4 minutes of rest time has shown  great improvement levels in cardiovascular fitness with the duration of an hour that too on day-to-day moderate-level aerobic workout.

According to another study which was conducted lately, the subjects have presented an astounding 100% surge in endurance capacity (that is from 26 minutes to 51 minutes) contrasted with the group who didn’t show any change.

However, to effectively sprint train your clients you need to have experience as well as professional certification. Being a fitness instructor, you have to sign up for the personal trainer course in Delhi so as to gain the required expertise and start training your clients effectively.  Basically, these courses train you to know the dos and don’ts of different types of exercises that you need to be mindful about.

How to Perform Sprint Training in the Right Manner?

There are certain aspects that you have to keep in mind before you think about including the same in your client’s workout regime. You need to carry out sprint workout routines at least three times a week. Make sure you give at least for a couple of days to your clients as rest period or perform a different type of simple exercise between sprint workouts. Stepwise explanation of doing sprint training:

  • Warm-up– This is the most important aspect. You need to ensure that you do the warm up exercises at least for 5-10 minutes before you decide to sprint train your client.
  • Sprint Training- Do the first sprint with about 60% intensity level. If your client feels any muscle tension or joint pain, get back to the warm up session again.
  • Rest period- Ensure you do include at least 2 minutes recovery or rest period between the sprint workouts. You canmake them jog or walk so that they keep moving.
  • Start Sprint Training- You can get back to the next sprint workout with about 80% intensity level.
  • Rest Period– 2 mins rest again
  • Start Sprint Training- You can get back to the next sprint workout with about 100% intensity level.
  • Rest Period– 2 to 4 mins rest again depending on the level of tiredness.
  • Repeat– Repeat the whole process somewhere between 4-8 times depending on the stamina level of the client. Besides, the intake of liquid is the must and should not be ignored.

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