Introducing The New Flagship Of 2018- Galaxy S9

Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus – this is exactly what the device overview which you want to start with first impressions, rather than general phrases about the versions, colors, prices, etc. I because of my work often have to change smartphones, sometimes even two or three times a week and last device that I really was surprised by something external, not even remember. And then comes to the review of Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus and the first impression – it’s just a delight, black seems endless screen neat little screen curvature smoothly flowing through the metal polished frame on the rear side which is skillfully played with light and I, however, do not even embellish, can look themselves in the demo zone Samsung and satisfied I said.

Introducing The New Flagship Of 2018- Galaxy S9

Samsung blurs the scope and limitations, now have two versions of the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus and only four differences between them: battery capacity, screen size, respectively, the size and weight. For Sure, Samsung Galaxy S9 is different from both of the devices, S8 and S8+.

Samsung Galaxy S9 which is coming out in 2018 will have the Infinity display with 4k resolution, 6GB RAM and a better battery life between its two predecessors. According to sources, Galaxy S9 will have the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor with Adreno 540 GPU and will magnetize customers towards it.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus is represented in colors: black diamond, amethyst and mystic yellow topaz (who came to us for review). The front of the smartphone is completely covered in black glass Gorilla Glass 5, which, together with a display curled at the edges, and if sometime in the Galaxy Note Edge is prosecuted for an idea of additional working space and a separate screen area, but now it can be said to design “trick” and a downgrade flagship went only benefit, there are no accidental clicks on this area, but the ergonomics and appearance are not affected. Side frames due to the rounded display are virtually invisible, giving the effect of simply unforgettable, and the space above and below the screen a minimum and, yes, now no Samsung logo on the front and the physical keys. Samsung did not become completely clean all the usual control and suffered a key on the screen and it is always illuminated, so if the lock screen is easy to touch this area, the smartphone does not respond, and press more strongly, if the button responds Vibration Feedback, which is much better implemented than in the Huawei P10 Plus, but still has far to iPhone.

In S8, the space above the screen is occupied by a light sensor and proximity, camera, earpiece and retinal eye scanner, and below the display – is empty, however, something else to add difficulty. Galaxy S9 have its unique characteristics- glossy body frame, beautiful display. Camera quality is amazing with Dual color Flashlight, Dual primary 16MP+16MP UHD camera and 8MP front camera giving mind blowing images with extra smoothness in them plus 30 new 3D frames.

Samsung Galaxy S9 is completely ready to compete with other smartphones. Samsung lovers are getting extremely excited for the launch of Galaxy S9.

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