Consider Personalized Cases For All Your Electronic Devices

Consider Personalized Cases For All Your Electronic Devices

Everyone has their favorite electronic device. With so many different types, sizes and styles, finding the right protective sleeves to keep the technology you adore safe can be tricky and expensive. Making your own laptop and tablet covers is a simple and affordable solution that allows you the freedom of choosing a style that suits both your needs and personality. All you need is a needle (and/or sewing machine), thread, some bulk neoprene fabric and any other buttons or other stylistic materials you desire.

Consider Personalized Cases For All Your Electronic Devices

Measure First Before You Buy

Always make sure to measure the devices you want to create a sleeve for first. Take some flexible measuring tape and press one side down on the back end of your device, running the tape across the back edge to press down on the other side. It is important to get the edge of the device to get as straight of a line of measurement as possible. Add about ¼ – ¾ inch to each side for the actual length of the fabric you will cut, leaving room to stitch the materials together. Bulkier devices should have that full ¾ inch extra fabric on each side.

Repeat this process for the width of your device. Take the final measurements for all the devices you want to create sleeves for before you purchase your materials, so that you know exactly how much bulk neoprene fabric you are going to need. If your device has any odd dimensions, make sure you take down the measurements on all four sides, unless you do not mind a little extra fabric on the case.

Gather Your Materials and Get Going

Most of the time, you are going to want the greater part of your case made up of neoprene fabric. This material is used by most companies that create laptop and other device cases for a reason. The rubbery consistency will help it fit snugly around your device without crushing it, and it is thick enough to protect your technology from hitting surfaces hard enough to cause damage. Wholesale neoprene fabric is relatively inexpensive as well, and comes in many different styles. It should be easy to find colors or patterns you like.

After you have found the fabric that best suits you, go ahead and look for the other materials you want to personalize your case with. Thread is a must, of course. You can purchase thread that will blend in, or you can use a thread that will stand out for a unique look. Choosing red or yellow thread on black fabric would be a good example of this. Just make sure if you choose to go this route, that you have a steady hand with the sewing machine.

Other fabrics, buttons, zippers and Velcro are also fun ways to personalize your very own case. If you buy your bulk neoprene fabric in one or two colors you can make the additional design choices the focus of your personalized sleeve. Choose a crazy fabric design though, if you prefer that to be the focus. Whatever way you choose to do it, personalizing your own device cases is a fun and much cheaper way to make sure you have the best protective covers for your technology.

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