Joy Farrington Prescribes Remedy For Unworthiness

Life is bitter sweet for Joy Farrington, often punctuated with problems and sorrows. She has a past which consist of strives and another internal struggle- the dominating question of worthiness. Joy Farrington inner psyche is drowned with doubts and dilemmas  about being worthy to be called a daughter to her parents, a sister to her siblings, a friend to her friends or a girlfriend. Joy is doubtful whether she is successful in all the relationships that encircle her life.
Joy further reveals a common problem faced by all man. She is occasionally disheartened by the “unworthiness” winning over her at times. She fought against this negative energy many a times. However years of struggle helped her to get rid of the feelings and doubts.
Joy Farrington Prescribes Remedy For UnworthinessJoy longs to have a fond and natural relationship with her grandfather. But unfortunately, she never gets to see him, even when he is just four hours drive away from their home. She points out that many  times people do not notice the dysfunctional part of the life, which might affect them negatively, they unknowingly behave as if everything is normal. She shares a personal experience, when she almost broke down in tears while discussing about fund raising. She herself is not a great fan of fund raising. Not finding a proper reason to her reaction, she started to search her heart for a correct answer. After verbally back gearing she was finally able to trace, the root of her tears was her grandfather. Her estrangement from her relation made her feel that she is unworthy to be termed as a good and reliable person. So, if her family thinks her as incapable , other could never confide or have faith on her. Later Joy gathered her strength believing that one day she would certainly establish a generous relationship with her grandfather, which would make her feel that he did a good thing by investing on her. But right at the moment, she would have to proceed with her vulnerable self, asking others to invest on her. She drew her strength from the fact that she will not allow others except her close ones to judge her worthiness.
Joy Farrington was greatly helped by her friend to restore her self confidence. Her helpful companion sat with her and shared her personal experience with her. Joy understood the strength of words. Often we do not share our emotion with others. But doing so will unleash great power. It helps people to get back their lost faith and hope. Joy’s friend shared her loving experiences with her. She narrated how incidents about how loving and caring her grandparents were, what she had received and inherited from them. The positive stories of the friend, according to Joy worked wonders for her. Her heart was strengthened at the anticipation that her life would one day traverse the same path of faith and confidence. Joy would henceforth be worthy of her family and most importantly she would be worthy of herself.

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