What Can You Find in a Home Improvement Store?

You’re getting ready to start a home improvement project. Small or large, you’re going to need to step foot inside a home improvement store for supplies, tools, or materials. There are tons of stores, online and off, for those with DIY aspirations. But what exactly will you find once you step through the doors?
Good Customer Service
The best way to make sure you get the best customer service is to go into the store with a plan. Did you make your home improvement plan yet? You should know what you need and what your budget it. Measure your home or the area you’re working with and bring your plans or pictures with you. The more you can share about your project, the easier it will be for the salesperson to help you find the materials you need or make suggestions to make your project easier. Take note of who helped you in case you want to find that person again later, especially if they were particularly knowledgeable.
Learn the Store
Take a minute to familiarize yourself with the area of the store you are in when you pick up a product. Don’t just wander aimlessly. If you’re doing a true project, you’ll probably be back a couple of times and being familiar with the store’s layout will make it easier for you to find the same materials again alter on.
Make sure you are familiar with the product you are buying as well. If you run out of a supply, you’ll want to make sure you buy the exact same thing again later on – not just something similar. While a lot of products serve the same function, they may not look or feel the same, which could cause issues with your project.
Take Advantage of Special Offers
Does your local home improvement store offer a free club membership? Sign up so you can get special sale prices, coupons, and rewards. Do they have an in-house credit card? A lot of times they’ll give you a discount for signing up, so take advantage (if your credit is alright) and use the cash you had in your budget to pay the bill off right away.
Larger home improvement stores often have regular mail catalogs you can sign up for. These will help you to plan out your next project, so make sure you get on that mailing list. You’ll probably also get weekly or monthly specials in the mail as well, and sometimes they contain coupons that only go to those on the mailing list. They often give you not only sales info, but informational articles about projects or gardening.
Finally, look for free classes. If you’re thinking of tiling your bathroom, ask if they have a tiling class coming up. You’ll learn a lot about completing a project on your own and may be able to do it without hiring labor.
Home improvement stores offer a lot more than just “stuff.” Take advantage of both local stores and online sites like tmhardware.com to make the most of your home improvement experience!
Image credit: Wikimedia Commons

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