Strategy Of Team USA To Overcome Bigger Ice Surface For Olympics

According to the reliable sources, concerned authorities are now finding the most suitable and effective way out for the athletes so that they can utilize their skills to the bigger ice in Sochi. It is worth to mention in this context that most of the American staffs are now engaged to prepare the Olympic team for the coming hockey event that is going to held in the coming February.
Ice SurfaceCritics opined that it is noting but an adjustment, the players required to offer their best skills and efforts. It is notable from the past record that Team USA as well as that of the Team Canada have to struggle a lot to perform well at the Olympics that held in any foreign land. In most of the cases, the struggle was due to the size of the rink.
In the words of Dan Bylsma, coach of Team USA, North America has not performed well in the tournament held overseas and that is not a good record at all. Presently, the big ice surface is certainly the major concern of the team is big ice surface. He further added that there is a huge difference between the NHL game and NHL rink and in order to overcome the problem the players required to follow entirely different tactics. The players required to play an intelligent and smart game with the skating and speed. He further added that it is not important that how thick the ice as the game and the rink size remain the same in the case.
Dustin Brown expresses almost similar feelings. He explained that he had participated in several oversea tournaments and in this case, nothing other than the size of the ice has changed. He further added that the players who played good hockey can play that regarding the matter of the surface size.
Patrick Kane opined that it would perhaps more fun to play hockey in a bigger surface and for more times. Being an offensive player, he added, it is quite exciting and nice to get some extra space as it allowed one to enjoy the power play when things really spread out. This offers football some exciting shots from which hockey is entirely deprived of.
Forward T.J. Oshie commented that in spite of this change, the game does not even tend to be less physical. However, the high-energy player opined that players who required making even larger adjustments are netminders. Suddenly they realize that their border grows bigger and they find themselves to float out of their known position.
According to Ryan Miller, the major factor for the goaltenders in getting involved into the game is angles. He believed that players are going to realize a kind of drifting a bit. However, he opined that the players require much awareness in order to adjust with the changing scenario.
Critics are, however, of the opinion that balancing between the ice surfaces, although very important but is not certainly the major factor to acquire success in the Olympics as in order to be a winner the skill of the players are of utmost important factor.

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