Knitting and Crochet For Kids – Both Brilliantly Beneficial

There may be the odd exception, but for the most part it’s extremely rare to see anyone knitting or getting busy with a crochet hook that doesn’t look calm, tranquil and content. It’s not the kind of thing anyone does because they have to, nor is it a chore in any way, shape or form. Quite to the contrary in fact, knitting is an outright pleasure for anyone choosing to pick up a needle, grab a few balls of Debbie Bliss yarn and get to work on something quite remarkable.

In recent years, much research has been carried out concerning the benefits of knitting for both physical and mental capacities alike. Experts are more convinced than ever before that knitting is an extremely beneficial craft for adults and children of all ages, though it’s children that may stand to gain the most from regular knitting or crochet.

Knitting and Crochet For Kids – Both Brilliantly Beneficial

So for those looking to introduce their kids to a hobby that offers more by way of rewards than most, exactly what are the key benefits pinpointed by those researching knitting and crochet?

1 – Bonding

Well, first of all there’s really no better bonding activity than one in which you and the children get into together. Whether it’s a case of you both learning from scratch at the same time or you filling the role of teacher and leading by example – enjoying something together is a great way of strengthening bonds, and of course, the fact that you’ll both have fun serves as quite a welcome added bonus too!

2 – Confidence-Boosting

For children with confidence issues or those that simply have not yet developed that important sense of ‘self’, knitting can be very rewarding. The reason being that this is a perfect example of a craft that’s easy to pick up and even the younger members of your family are able to produce little works of art they’ll rightly be proud of. Not only that, but as knitting is seen by children as something of a ‘grown up’ activity, the fact that they are taking part and managing to pull it off will naturally give their confidence a big boost.

3 – Therapeutic Effects

For children that may be suffering from any form of anxiety, depression or social confidence issues, knitting has been found to work wonders. As mentioned above, the way in which knitting boosts confidence can have an all-round positive effect on the way children approach life in general, while at the same time giving them a creative and emotional outlet. It serves as a conversation starter and a mutual subject of interest between them and others, whilst helping promote a sense of calm and a feeling of order and control.

4 – Concentration and Focus

As most parents will be aware, a child doesn’t have to have been diagnosed with ADHD to display genuine difficulties when it comes to concentration and focus. In fact, most are prone to letting their attention wander sometimes which can lead to a variety of difficulties. The very nature of knitting is such that focus and concentration are needed in equal measures, although it still remains enjoyable. As such, knitting can help show children how focusing on a job can lead to the kinds of rewards and satisfaction that make it worthwhile.

5 – Screen-Free Time

All parents will understand the value of anything that gets their offspring away from the screen at any time of day and for any duration. These days, the presence of T.V.s, tablets, computers and smartphones in every room of the home, makes it all the more difficult to get kids to do anything at all that’s genuinely good for their health. And while knitting may not be the most physically demanding activity out there, it’s certainly better for their health than staring for hours at a screen.

6 – Social Benefits

Last but not least, it’s inevitable that children who pick up a few knitting skills early on will want not only to share their talents with the world, but encourage others to follow their lead. As such, the social benefits of knitting for kids can be nothing short of huge, instilling everything from leadership skills to sharing to coaching and so much more!

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