Serious Fall from Roof Wins Damages From Both Employer and Corporate Occupier

Our specialist personal injury personal injury lawyers s recently concluded a complex claim against two defendants, an employer and occupier, as a result of our client sustaining serious injury following a fall from a roof upon which he was working.

Our client fell through a skylight and landed on his head and shoulder approximately 20 feet below. He suffered a fractured skull, a head injury, a fractured right collar bone and fractured rib.

Both the employer and the occupier were pursued jointly as a result of breaches of various statutory health and safety regulations as well as common law negligence. There were added complications due to the lack of insurance and/or the absence of insurance indemnity on behalf of both defendants. This was due to the defendants having failed to put their insurers on notice of a potential claim despite the serious nature of the accident circumstances and a detailed HSE investigation and prosecution.

Despite the arguments advanced by both defendants as to who was responsible for complying with the health and safety requirements, both parties agreed an apportionment of settlement with us on behalf of our client for significant damages. These reflected the ongoing permanent nature of our client’s injuries.

Serious Fall from Roof Wins Damages From Both Employer and Corporate Occupier

Pub Waitress Injured by Falling Gas Canister 

Our client was working as a waitress in a public house when she sustained injury to her foot. She had entered the stock room to retrieve some stock to replenish the bar when a large gas canister, used for pumps within the public house, suddenly and without warning fell towards her and landed on her left foot.

As a result, she sustained a crushed left foot injury predominantly to her left big toe. Liability was admitted by her employer for improper storage of such canisters. As a result of our help, she received £4,500 in compensation.

Supermarket Employee Awarded £20,000 in Damages for Chest Injuries 

We assisted a male supermarket employee in recovering £20,000 in damages for injuries that he sustained at work. He slipped on a spillage left in situ and fell against a counter sustaining rib injuries.

The employers had been made aware of the spillage prior to his accident but failed to rectify this. As a result of his injury, our client suffered ongoing permanent nuisance type chest symptoms.

The award reflected the ongoing nature and impact of his injury.

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