Know How You Can Apply For Spouse Visa

Know How You Can Apply For Spouse Visa

Got settled in a well-paid job abroad and planning to get settled right there?

Well it would be better if you get a work for your spouse as well so that it becomes more satisfactory and easier to settle down in a new country. When you feel your spouse has the relevant education qualifications and possess good skills you can make them apply for a job based on their choice and once they get an offer letter for the same applying for a visa becomes necessary. The visa allows a temporary stay of the person in other countries which is limited until a certain period of time mentioned in it.

Know How You Can Apply For Spouse Visa

The Canada immigration spouse visa can be applied by a person who wishes to bring his/her spouse to Canada in order to settle down and provide them with a working opportunity. The person who is sponsoring for a Visa must make sure he has real documents to prove the spouse relationship. Once the person who is sponsoring makes sure the spouse has got a job they must get themselves going by getting a visa done. There are various ways by which one can apply for spouse visa.

  • Apply online:

It is relatively easier to apply online as it takes really less time. The important documents can be scanned and uploaded into the site for further verification. The offer letter of the company and the company details should also be included in order for the department to verify and get confirmation on the same.

  • Eligibility

There should be a minimum eligibility of the spouse in order to work. The person must be of eighteen years or above. They are also said to have the required education qualification needed for the job. If these criteria’s match we can go ahead by applying.

  • Follow the verification steps

Depending on the country where one is planning to settle down, the verification procedures differ accordingly. The procedure includes a police verification certificate to verify your residential address, previous work details and other details that are required.  The verification may take some time and so this should be done well in advance.

The Canada immigration spouse visa is sent by the people who are already staying in Canada in order to call their partners and get them settled. The immigration visa can also be sent to other family members whom you want to call like parents, grandparents etc. The person who sponsors for the visa must be a permanent citizen of Canada and must also satisfy the department by showing that they would be able to afford for the basic need of the spouse by showing their monthly income details. We see thousands of people moving and getting shifted to Canada every year with the help of Spousal sponsorship program.

Thus, Canada is considered to be one of the best places in order to settle down as they provide world class opportunities and provides best standards for living and leading a successful life.

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