Learn How To Escape Power Outage & Energy Crisis

Learn How To Escape Power Outage & Energy Crisis

For some time the issue of the energy crisis has become very present in the lives of people and organizations due to the constant threats of energy interruption. Here in the blog this topic is not new and had already been posted a matter about the importance that the generator rental companies will assume at this time.

An incident like this could be responsible for the increase in the number of blackouts, generating several damages for the country, for businessmen and people. As a form of prevention, public and private sector institutions seek alternatives through the leasing and purchase of power generators so as not to suffer the impacts of an electricity failure.

Summer can bring Selective Energy Cutting

According to an article published by Folha de São Paulo, there would be a risk of requiring selective power cuts to ensure supply during peak hours between January and February when there is a significant increase in electricity consumption.

The plants would stop supplying energy during the night and the cuts would affect large urban centers, such as Rio, Sao Paulo, Campinas, Belo Horizonte and Vitoria.

This scenario will only be changed if the rains can raise the reservoir levels by 30%. However, the National System Operator (ONS) expects a rainy season with a normal volume of rainfall sufficient to reach a safe level of operation in the reservoirs.

The Solution is in the Location of Generators

Powered by petrol or diesel, the generators are ideal for hospitals, medical clinics, commercial establishments, bars, homes and other places where energy cannot be lacking. It is very advantageous to use the generator, as it will work at times when a power failure occurs, preventing nuisance and damage.

Taking into account the dependency of electricity, supply failures caused by an energy crisis can bring problems and it is at that moment that a power generator will make a difference. With it, there is the guarantee of uninterrupted power. There are many types of generators, with energy capacities ideal for every need.

A lot of leading Brazilian company in the segment of rental power generators has solutions for the mining, civil construction, infrastructure, industry, events, oil and gas and trade & services sectors, as well as equipment ranging from 14 to 1875 kVA.

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