Ways To Stay Healthy Before, During, And After Flu Season

Ways To Stay Healthy Before, During, And After Flu Season

Your parents were right when they told you to wash your hands with soap and water before eating dinner. That advice holds true today, but the guidelines for staying healthy keep growing. We need to fight against germs, eat healthily, stay fit, and breathe clean air, especially around flu season.

Prepare for and Protect Yourself From Infection

If you’re run down to begin with, you are much more susceptible to illness. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle can lessen the intensity of infections and can also help you recover more quickly. Eating three solid meals a day, getting enough sleep, exercising, staying hydrated, taking extra vitamin C, and not smoking will all keep you stronger.

Coming into contact with people who are contagious isn’t really unavoidable. Think about how many times you shake people’s hands or kiss them. How often are you coughed or sneezed on? Don’t feel awkward if you don’t want to touch someone — and if you’re not feeling well yourself, give others that same consideration.

Ways To Stay Healthy Before, During, And After Flu Season

Protect Yourself in Public Places

Germs exist on most surfaces, including at the workplace. Computer keyboards, copy machines, bathrooms, or the candy dish can spread infection. Wash your hands frequently, use sanitizer and don’t share computers or food. Bring your own snacks to work. Gyms are another hot spot for germs. Exercise machines and free weights harbor bacteria, and not everyone wipes them down. Always use antibacterial wipes before and after using the equipment. Use hand sanitizer in restaurants, too. Menus are a leading culprit: Hundreds of people touch them, and you don’t know if they get wiped down, let alone sanitized.

Unwelcome Guests in Your Home

Bringing germs into your home is hard to avoid, especially when returning from a trip, work, or other public space. Once inside, germs can spread to every room and family member. Therefore, it’s so important to keep your house clean. Wiping down remotes, phones, bathroom surfaces, switch plates, and doorknobs are no-brainers.

If it contains pollutants, the air in your home could seriously affect your health, especially if your immune system is weak. Allergens from pets, pollen, mites, and microbes can be brought into your house if they’re not already there. Cleaning products and a host of other toxins can also add to indoor air pollution, causing burning eyes, headaches, and dizziness. If not addressed, these afflictions can lead to long-term health issues, like respiratory problems or heart disease.

Keeping Your Home in the Clear

Indoor air pollution is a significant health risk, and there are several ways to address it. Cleaning, servicing, and repairing your HVAC system and air ducts are paramount. Air cleaners, filters, filtration systems, and ventilation systems will also make your home environment more comfortable. These items reduce the level of contaminants and purify the air in your home. Opening windows to help air circulate, using fans, and switching to organic cleaners will also aid in making your living space more breathable.

When it comes to reducing the risk of infection both during flu season and year-round, it makes sense to be proactive. Keeping your health a priority at all times, avoiding germs, and living in a clean, breathable environment will always stack the odds for staying well in your favor.

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