4 Ways To Lower Your Home’s Water Bill

4 Ways To Lower Your Home’s Water Bill

Money is tight these days, and almost everyone is trying to save those extra dollars by finding ways to fix things themselves. Others are making sure to only use natural sunlight during daylight hours or knock some money off other bills by using hacks and tricks. If you’re interested in some of those hacks, here are a few to lower your home’s monthly water bill.

Fix Any Leaky Faucets

Going through the house and fixing any leaky faucets seems like a small thing. After all, a leaky bathroom faucet can’t be causing much of a problem, right? You may be surprised. Any type of running water, even a drip, costs you money. A slow drip can drip up to 10 gallons a day and can cost you an extra $20 a year. That may not seem like much, but that wasted money could be used elsewhere. If you have more than one leak, then you’re losing even more. Some easy ways to find out if a tap Is leaking is to tie a towel around it or hang a plastic bag underneath.

Choose Water-Saving Faucets and Toilets

You can use less water by switching out faucets and toilets for water-saving models. There are low-flow faucets and toilets that use less water with each flush. There are also low-flow shower heads and ways to make an older faucet low-flow without replacing it. Don’t forget that you can upgrade washers and dishwashers as well for models that save on water usage. A simple upgrade to the plumbing in the house will also save you a good deal of money in the long run with very little effort on your part. Plus, this will give you a reason to upgrade your house!

Use Compost Bin, Not Garbage Disposal

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If you’re into gardening, turning eggshells, fruit waste, and coffee grounds into compost is a much better choice than running these valuable materials through a garbage disposal. A disposal requires water to run properly, and using a compost bin uses none at all. You can buy a composter, or you can make your own with little effort. Even if you don’t have a garden, you could still do this and give it to someone who does. You’ll save money and reduce waste, and he or she will get compost for his or her garden. It’s a win-win-win!

Wash Your Laundry in Cold Water

Washing your laundry in cold water could save you more than you might think. By washing all your clothes in cold water with a cold rinse, you can save not only money but energy, too. Your clothes will also last longer, colors won’t fade as fast, and there is a much smaller chance of clothes shrinking. The water-saving washer will only add to the money you could be saving, so why not do both?

There are many other ways to save money, including insulating your pipes and using a car wash that recycles water. Find the ways that work best for you. In fact, you may find that you do some of these things already. If this is the case, then adding a few more tricks to your arsenal may save you even more!

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