Lenovo To Launch A Windows Phone This Summer

Lenovo has become over the years a major player in the computer market, and hopes to do the same for that of the mobile market. As proof, Lenovo will finally launch its first lineup of Windows phones, Yes, Windows Phone, and the best is yet to come because it will enter the manufacturer’s catalog this summer.

So far, the Chinese giant has focused on the segment of Android phones, but it seems that things are about to change, Lenovo has actually benefited from WinHEC held in Shenzhen to announce the upcoming launch of a new phone powered by the first Windows Phone 8.1 to the market.

Microsoft named in Shenzhen the emerging Chinese smartphone manufacturer Xiaomi as a partner. This topic, but has not yet decided to sell devices with Microsoft OS commercially. So Microsoft representative only “a select group of power users” informed, could test 10 on the Xiaomi Mi 4 the Technical Preview of Windows.

Lenovo To Launch A Windows Phone This Summer

A Windows Phone, not Windows 10?

Lenovo smartphone powered by Windows Phone 8.1, a Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 or 600 processor and a 4.5- or 5-inch display.

Microsoft had its OS Windows Phone 8.1 made ​​free in the fall of 2014 for device manufacturers to increase the bandwidth available devices. Even with this strategy but little success had granted. The former partner Huawei example, publicly declared: “We deserve nothing to do with Windows Phone. No one deserves something with Windows Phone. “

Expected this summer, the phone Lenovo will arrive more or less the same time as Windows 10, but it will apparently not propelled by it. The slide projected on stage at the conference clearly alludes to Windows Phone, not the newest Microsoft labs.

It’s a shame, of course, but nothing says that this does not change by the actual launch of the OS. Meanwhile, the question is ultimately whether this new phone will position rather on the entry or upscale. To find out, unfortunately it will wait for the official press release.

With Windows 10, however, a re-evaluation of both the customers as well as a hardware partner seems possible. It starts in the summer in 190 countries. A technical preview of Windows 10 for smartphones is in February for selected Lumia devices available and can be installed using the available Windows Phone Store App “Windows insiders”.

In any case, one thing is certain. If Lenovo has actually launched a phone with Windows Phone, then it will opt for a very aggressive pricing history of the win against the Lumia.

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