Let’s Go Out: Having Fun Outside This Summer

Let’s Go Out: Having Fun Outside This Summer

It’s finally summer, and it’s time to get outside and have fun. Whether you host a neighborhood picnic, find outdoor movie screen rental in Newark, NJ, or create a secret hideaway for one, this is a great time to get outside and have fun.

Let’s Go Out: Having Fun Outside This Summer

For Families

Go bird or bug hunting. Getting your kids excited about nature is a great way to encourage them to spend time in the out of doors. These can be great sensory opportunities as well as you listen for the animals, look far and near, etc. Fruit picking is another fun way to spend the day outside, and you get a delicious reward for your hard work.

If you want some things to do in your own yard, some of the classics include water balloon or water gun fights, sidewalk chalk art, and yard games. You can also have low-key activities where you cloud watch, picnic, camp in the front yard, or read books outside.

For Singles

Get growing. Starting a small garden, or even planting a few plants around the outside of the house can refresh your home and get you engaged with nature. You could also spend time playing with pets who enjoy the fresh air. Volunteer to walk dogs at a local shelter, or dog-sit for busy owners.

Technology and nature can be a fun mix. Try taking your laptop outside to write, or your eBook reader along when you go to the park. Fishing is a great activity for relaxation, consider inviting a friend to go with you. You could also creative your own private getaway. Find cozy lawn furniture, a privacy screen or canopy, your favorite refreshing drink, and curl up with a good book.

For Couples

Being outside together provides endless opportunities for romantic moments. You could watch a sunset, or sunrise together, or go on an evening stroll. Lots of cafes and bistros have outdoor seating, and you could enjoy a glass of wine with your special someone on your own back porch. Hang decorative lights for a cozy feel.

Hosting a party can be a great way to have fun in the sun. Host a neighborhood grill where your guests BYOM (bring your own meat), or have a movie watching party with popcorn. You can look into outdoor movie screen rental in Newark, NJ and watch your favorite movie under the stars with your friends. Be sure the movie is appropriate for all ages as neighborhood kids may wander by.

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