Bring Your Closet To New Light: 8 Lighting Tips For Your Closet

Bring Your Closet To New Light: 8 Lighting Tips For Your Closet

Admit it or not, lighting a closet is typically put at the bottom of your home improvement planning list. If you are like most homeowners, you will put much emphasis and importance on kitchen and dining room lighting, but only consider closet lighting as an afterthought. When you look at your closet now, it may be that it has a weak single overhead light or no lighting at all.

But you must know now that closet lighting is so essential for you to ignore. You don’t want, for sure, to find your favorite pair of jeans using a flashlight. Not only that a poorly lit closet will give you much inconvenience, but it can also be dangerous. Therefore, you need to consider lighting your closet as you think of providing light to any room in your house.

Here are some tips to get you started in lighting your closet.

Install Brighter Lighting

If you have an existing lighting fixture inside your closet, you can think of adding brighter light bulbs to have a more excellent illumination. In this case, install Compact Fluorescent Light bulbs (CFL) because it emits more brilliant light in your closet and is a sure energy-saver.

Consider Wired or Wireless Lighting Fixture

It is essential first to consider if you have an existing wired or wireless closet before purchasing the right lighting fixtures for it. If there is an electrical box or an existing wired light fixture, then you are in good shape.

Typically, if your closet space is big enough and it has no existing wiring, a battery-powered or wireless light might be insufficient for a big closet. As such, you have to consider wiring your closet. While it might tempt you to wire your closet by yourself to save money, it will be safer to hire a licensed electrician for this matter.

Battery-Powered Lights for Small Closet Space

For smaller closets, battery-powered lighting fixtures is an excellent choice. There are many varieties for lights which are battery-operated. From wall-mounted sconces to overhead pendant lights, you will have no shortage for battery-powered lights.

Think of Using Solar Tubes

If you have not heard of solar tubes, they are devices that have metallic and reflective surfaces to bounce sunlight from the roof into your closet space. Solar tubes can qualify you for an energy efficient tax incentives if you buy one for your home. Above all, it will save you a lot of money on your electricity bill.

Install Can Lights and Puck Lights

If you have closet organization systems, it will do good to install lighting inside them. Like in your kitchen in which you have under-cabinet lights, you can also put some lights among your closet organizers. For example, you can install puck lights, and incandescent can light for them.

Put LED Sensor Lights

It is an excellent addition when it comes to lighting a closet if you install LED sensor lights which can work upon opening a closet door. The good thing is that LED lights are energy-efficient and can emit a brighter light than incandescent lights. You can check sites like LampTwist for high-quality LED lights for your closet.

Cove Lighting for the Win

It is an excellent choice if you opt for indirect lighting to a ceiling or cove above your closet space. Cove lighting looks lovely in a high-ceilinged closet where installing a direct light might not be sufficient.

Take a Visit to A Manufacturer Showroom

The last tip that might ultimately help when you are considering lighting your closet is to visit a closet manufacturer showroom. It’s just similar when you are looking for a model home for suggestions.

Taking a visit to a closet manufacturer showroom will give you inspiration and lighting ideas for your closet.


Even though many people do not put much thought to closet lighting, you must dare to be different. Lighting a closet can give you convenience and safety when you are looking for an outfit you want to wear, for example. Thus, you must know about some lighting tips to get you started in lighting your closet.

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