Maintaining An Older Car

Many people want to keep their cars longer than usual. In fact, it can be considered a financially-sound strategy to keep our car and drive it until it drops. Many car owners hang on their current cars because they still can’t afford a new one. By keep on using the older car, we will have significant advantages compared to newer models. Financially, the car is already depreciated and the depreciation in value isn’t as large as a new car that’s already driven off the lot. By choosing an older model, we could also obtain a more expensive car at lower prices. As an example, a brand new Honda Accord has the same price with a 5-year old Porsche.

As an example, a car that’s worth $26,000 could only be $13,000 today. It means that if we purchase the car five years later, we have saved about $13,000. Also, by having an older car, we will need to pay lower insurance costs and it will also cost less to register. Depending on the location, the overall price difference in registration could be about $1,000 or more. In general, we should be able to save a lot of money, if the car is more than three years old. Older cars should cost less to insure, before replacing one should be cheaper, if it is wrecked or stolen. In general, we should make sure that we have properly invested the time and money to maintain our older car properly.

If we decide to purchase an older car, we should consider a number of important priorities. It can be quite daunting to keep an older car running smoothly, especially if we are somewhat unfamiliar with it. In general, we should break the maintenance efforts into more manageable bits. When maintaining and owning an older car, we should consider a number of priority areas that should be addressed. Our first priority is to mke a list of components that can cause harm, when they are not working properly, these may include steering systems, tires, braking systems and others. Another thing that we should consider is the vision coverage and we need to ensure the clarity of the glass. Windshields and windows should be free of cracks and other things that may obstruct vision. They should be properly maintained to ensure our overall safety. It is a bad idea to use an older car that may have faulty components.

The second priority is to check components that won’t cause harm when failing, but may leave us stranded. These things may include timing belts, clutch fan, CV joints, fuel lines and radiator hoses. We should also consider normal maintenance, such as changing the engine coolant, transmission fluid and engine oil. This kind of maintenance should prevent any catastrophic breakdown and we will be able to keep the car running for an extended period of time. We should be proactive when maintaining an older car. As an example, oil should be changed in the proper intervals to make sure our car is healthy.

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