The Dos and Don’ts If You Ever Experience An Auto Collision

Learning about auto collisions is not something that we would want in a first place. Who would want to imagine of himself/herself getting into such a situations. But, knowing that these things can happen to anyone at any matter of time, learning about the dos and don’ts of these situations is always helpful. So, if you want to learn, read below.
The Dos and Don’ts If You Ever Experience An Auto Collision
At the accident scene

  • Always stop at the accident scene, if your car is involved in the accident. Never run away even if it is not your fault.
  • Call 911 to report for any serious injury or if you suspect any driver may be guilty.
  • Do not try to help by moving injured patient or stand between vehicles to inspect damage.
  • In case of your vehicle having no serious damage, drive it away from the scene and park it in a safe area. But, in case there is some serious injury and your car is involved, do not move your car from the crime scene. In case of your car having severe damage, turn on your hazard lights and let all passengers come out safely.
  • Report to the police about any injured person, vehicle damage and information as such.
  • Exchange information about contacts and insurance among all parties involved in the accident. Take help of the collision sheet to remember the type of information to be exchanged.
  • Don’t forget to notify your insurance company and get advice on the situation.
  • You should never assume liability or take responsibilities of your fault.
  • Never pay or promise to pay for the damages in the collision scene.
  • Don’t try to settle through cash or discussion in the scene.

In case of injury

  • If injured, you are entitled of accident benefit coverage irrespective of your fault.
  • Go see a primary health practitioner.
  • File accident injury report to the police.
  • Fill in the insurance form, keep a copy for yourself and send the original to the insurance company.
  • You will then be contacted for the concerned benefit.

Repairing your vehicle damages

  • Check for the insurance coverage.
  • Submit claim to the insurance company if the damage is coverable in the insurance policy.
  • Know about the repair cost estimates.
  • Wisely choose a top body shop at Los Angeles.
  • Be careful when the insurer recommends you a repair shop.
  • Be careful in dealing with the repair shop. Always take note of getting things recorded and in written form.
  • Carefully handle disputes if any.

Dealing with other party driver’s insurance company

  • Remember, your damages can be covered either through your insurance or the other party driver’s.
  • If your company pays for your damage, your insurance company will deal with the other party. But, if the other party’s insurance is covering your damage, be very careful before signing the document that you are only releasing the claims for which you have agreed upon.

Always keep and emergency kit
Accidents can happen anywhere and at any point of time. So, be prepared and always have an emergency kit ready in your car.

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