Make Your Move Manageable: Tips For Small Business Owners

Make Your Move Manageable: Tips For Small Business Owners
Moving from one home to another is hard enough, but when you’re trying to move a business, the job can seem basically impossible. If you have a ton of equipment, you might even contemplate staying put when you know you need more space or cheaper rent.
There are some ways you can make your move more manageable as a small business owner though. After all, you still need to do business during your move if you want your company to stay profitable.
Make Your Move Manageable: Tips For Small Business Owners

Use this guide to help you plan and make a move. It might not be the most fun you’ve ever had at work, but it is something you can do.

Plan Your Move

Before you can actually do anything to start the process of moving your business, you need to be in the planning stages for a while. For a business, moving can easily take two to three weeks. Planning might need to be even longer than that.

Start planning your move at least a month before the day it’s supposed to begin. By doing that, you won’t be in such a rush and you can iron out any last minute problems you might have.

Don’t be the business that pushes the moving company into overtime because you weren’t prepared for the first day of your move.

Book Movers Early

Movers can charge a lot of money to get the items for a business from one place to another. If they’re going to help you pack and move huge items like desks and file cabinets, you need to have several quotes.

You need to get those quotes very early in the process too. If the moving company thinks you need to go in a hurry they could charge you considerably more for the work. It might not seem fair, but last minute moves generally cost a whole lot more.

Is Your New Office Ready?

Going from one office space to another can be challenging, but if your new home isn’t ready, you’re going to be in a world of trouble. Double check and make sure everything is ready and the space is empty at least a few weeks before your move.

If there are still tenants there, make sure their move out date is at least 48 hours before yours. That way you won’t get caught waiting if they don’t move in time.

You’ll also want to make sure you have deals in place, like home phone and internet bundles for small business owners.

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