Messages That Family Car Decals Broadcast To The World

Critics say they are smug and senseless, but those family car stickers on the rear window depict the driver’s family. Today, car decals have become a world-wide craze. In the past, stickers usually declared allegiance to a political party, football club, or private school, but today family car stickers reveal something different.

When you stop at red light and are waiting for green signal to move ahead, you stare ahead and see a family decal on the rear window. It includes 2 kids, a cat, 2 dogs, mom likes to shop and dad likes fishing. In just a glance, you studied about the driver’s family, who was a total stranger, a few seconds ago.

Displaying family stick figures on the car’s back windshield is a growing trend all around the world. However, many people are too private to reveal their family status to the car drivers following behind. You will be fascinated by the variations, you get to see. Each sticker arrangement sends out a message.

Messages That Family Car Decals Broadcast To The World

Possible messages a family sticker can broadcast

Family togetherness – Car sticker stories are socially accepted norms and identities, where mom holds a handbag and shopping-bag, dad holds beer can and BBQ tongs, kids with football and pet.

Less stereotype but cool family definition – Several brave people make cool, but proud statement like sticking a lone sticker or single dad and picture of home cut in half or single mom with kids and more.

Reveals family issues – A chosen sticker and its position also reflects a message. For example, if a cat is stuck between a couple then it gives a hint that there is an issue. If the decal of mom is positioned in the middle surrounded by kids then mom is decision maker, where is dad?

Revolting anti-family statement – Every person’s opinion and reaction related to these stickers are interesting. Some drivers rebel and create their own anti-family stickers. It can include a sarcastic statement about family imperfections like drinking beer, overweight, etc. or sexual message or a violent picture.

Provide positive road challenges – Basically, women spend time on the road with kids and elderly members. Potentially women have to ride with children or elderly member to the clinic, dentists, school, and market.

Family stickers like ‘Mum’s taxi’ or ‘Baby-on-board’ shouts aggressively at those anonymous drivers. It indicates that this car is carrying important family members or be careful there is a baby on board.

Stickers are kid-driven

Stickers are not smug, according to majority of people, who genuinely take pride in displaying their family decal. People find it fun. It is not a huge monetary pay out to purchase car decals. Basically, it is very much kid-driven. Moms are dragged by their kids in the gift shop to buy these stickers.

Family decal for cars is available in variety of shapes and sizes on the internet. You can select a preferred stick figure and recreate it. Online sites include lots of daddy figures playing golf, rugby, cricket and BBQ-ing.

Mummy figure options include tennis-playing, yoga-posing, wine-drinking and pregnant yummy mom. In addition, there are surf boarding teens, superhero kids, sweet grannies, doting grandpas and bubbly bouncing babies. All these family figures will certainly bring a smile on everyone’s face.

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