Make Your Smartphone a Storehouse of Entertainment

Gone are the days when cellular connections were used for calling and texting only! The advent of the Internet and new wireless communication technologies has made your phone a storehouse of entertainment channels and packages. If you are still unaware of how the telecom providers in India can help you enjoy volumes with your 2G, 3G and 4G smartphones, then what follows is for you. 

Here, you will also know a little more of the different types of entertainment offers that are making heads turn in the telecommunications market space in India. 

Get the Best Postpaid Connection and Enjoy Varied Entertainment Packages

Prime Video, Netflix, Hotstar, Zee 5, Prime Music and other services will be available for exclusive access once you sign up for the best postpaid connection package that suits your budget and entertainment needs alike. The most popular entertainment offers by postpaid connection providing companies in India include:

Prime Video

Prime Video refers to a fast, much-downloaded video streaming service that can be subscribed to by Amazon Prime members. Along with watching the movies that are free for download, you may rent or buy the movies /TV episodes of your choice by subscribing to 100 premium channels (and counting!) – all with the aid of your Prime Video subscription.


Netflix refers to a streaming service that helps you get access to a plethora of award-winning movies, TV shows, documentaries, etc. on internet-enabled devices. Enjoy the streaming without even single commercial while enjoying the content of your choice!


Hotstar is another popular video streaming platform that offers more than 50,000 hours of movies/ TV content in 8 languages. Almost all sports events are covered and provided live by Hotstar! offers 100000+ hours of movies, TV shows attributed to ZEE network, music online, International content, etc. to make your entertainment hours all the more fun-filled. 

Telecom Providers and their Offers with Postpaid Connection

Vodafone India, Airtel, Idea Cellular, etc. are helping the young and old enjoy many other entertainment channels/ programs – from anywhere, anytime with the Postpaid connection & plans. For instance, 

  1. Vodafone’s RED postpaid makes customers eligible for one year of membership to Amazon Prime (worth INR 999) free of cost. It gives access to Prime Music, Prime Video, unlimited free shipping purchased items & also offers Netflix subscription for free with postpaid plans starts from INR 999.
  2. The monthly postpaid plan by Airtel (worth INR 499) offers 3 months of Netflix subscription, one year of Amazon Prime subscription along with a bouquet of other offers.
  3. Idea Cellular offers Idea Movies & TV, Idea Music, (free yearly subscription), My Idea App that offers free magazines, etc. when you opt for its Nirvana plans and rentals.

Way Forward with Vodafone India – the Best postpaid Connection for You!

Be it in terms of shopping, live cricket telecasts, streaming of favorite films and music videos, online entertainment and a host of other packages, a new Vodafone India membership will make your smartphone purchase worthwhile!

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