Men and Gadgets: Fatal Attraction Explained

Boys’ love for gadgets is very deep and passionate. Even if you look at the manliest man in the world of fiction, and the ultimate male phantasy – James Bond, you will see that this famous agent also has “a thing” for the cutting-edge tech. But, where does this fatal attraction come from? Well, it is very hard to point out some singular reason, so we will take a look at few of them.

Technology Equals Cool

Whether due to fact that it is very prominent in everything we consider Sci-Fi, often very beautiful to look at, or the simple fact that it constantly makes our lives easier and pushes humanity forward, there was always something very cool about technology. And this attraction reaches all the way back to Industrial Era. Just look at the works of Jules Verne, and you will see that men always liked to fantasize about advanced machines with cool features.

Men and Gadgets: Fatal Attraction Explained

“Look at my New Toy!” Part 1

Of course, it would be hard to deny that cutting-edge gadgets were never meant for the masses, so their price tag automatically made them a very appealing status symbol. And, let us be honest, even the most self-righteous purists love when someone stares at their smartphone, asks them how much they paid for it, and tries out its fancy features. There is nothing wrong about that, it is just the way how the world functions.

“Look at my New Toy!” Part 2

Most of the men loved to play with their toy cars, video games, construction sets, and LEGOs when they were kids. Gadgets allow each of them to relive those glory days without running a risk of being called a “man-child”, claim the editors of IDKMen. There is simply something very satisfying in having a chat with your digital assistant, tracking a gym progress and hitting various achievements, taking a drone for a ride, or simply having a smart watch. Who would not want that for Christmas as a kid?

Gadgets are Very Practical

Let us now get back in the rational realm and point out that gadgets (well, most of them) are plain and simply useful. Just imagine doing a business without any access to any kind of smart device in 2015. Or going on a trip without GPS navigation? It is possible, but why would you bother? And there lies another appeal of gadgets. They are not only helping men to achieve more, but also, to perform better while they are achieving, and that was always a very welcomed ego boost.

Men and Gadgets: Fatal Attraction Explained

Gadgets are Entertaining

Falling for the “toy-ish” quality of the gadgets is one thing, but admitting the real entertainment value they possess is something entirely different. And gadgets do pack a lot of high quality entertainment on a very small space. Having a novelty of playing the GTA: San Andreas while you are riding a bus, watching the Netflix on the Quad HD screen, or streaming thousands and thousands of songs with your favorite service is very hard to resist.

Gadgets are Addictive

There is something about the latest updates, new options, more powerful hardware, and even the most useless upgrades that make every male completionist go nuts. And although the fight for the “best possible device on the market” is doomed from the start, because the moment we buy one, another one is already in the making, men will always fall for words like “iris scanner”, and “fingerprint reader”. Some people may call this addiction, and they are completely right.

With all the things said, it is not that hard to see the appeal of gadgets. They look great, they are useful, they are fun, they help men to become better men, and they are inherently cool. So, instead of asking why men like them so much, the better question should be why would they not?

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